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Microsoft Surface Pro X with keyboard cover

Never a dull moment in the tech world. It seems the American Fall is brining a non-stop slew of hardware & gaming announcements from everyone at the moment and today was Microsoft’s turn to shine. The company unveiled three new versions of their popular Surface lineup, two of which were largely incremental whilst the third was a whole new look and a direct shot at Apple’s iPad Pro business in more ways than one, but really that was merely the setup for the big surprise at the end. Continue reading

Tune in for this very special episode of the Reckoner podcast with [email protected] director and all round nice guy, Chris Charla.

Recorded live at PAX Australia, Chris sits down with Raj for a frank discussion about all things [email protected] and important the program is to Microsoft & Xbox in the lead up to its 1000th release!

Join James Croft, Raj Deut, and Anthony Agius on a big week in tech news. We got Google, doing Googley things. Releasing phones. Home hubs. Shutting stuff down. Supply chains are getting hacked. Or maybe not. We’re not sure. We got Intel, adding another lake to their collection of lakes. Cannon Lake. Coffee Lake. Ice Lake. Why do they hunger for lakes? Will there be any other lakes left for our future generations or will they all be processors? We got xCloud, a stream-gaming service that works on the premise that your internet isn’t a pile of doodie. And Surface. I’ve recently been reviewing horizontal surfaces. I gotta tell you – they’re great when you need a flat plane in 3D space to rest a beverage on. Would recommend.

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Join James Croft, Anthony Agius and Raj Deut as we discuss E3 from the long-long ago, busted keyboards on MacBooks, Samsung sexting your whole crew, HealthEngine sending your deets to the ambulance chasers, and Amazon Prime: Australian Special Edition.

Join James CroftRaj Deut and Anthony Agius as we talk the Game of Thrones Foxtel meltdown, Turnbull’s mathematics challenge, Google’s new-old products (now with 100% less drop-shipping), and more.

Ant has a Sizzle meetup coming up! Sunday 23rd July at the Boatbuilder’s Yard in South Wharf, Melbourne, from 1:30pm. Come for the Sizzle, but stay for the Raj.

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