Amazon to be fully operational in Australia by the end of 2018


Australians will be able to buy everything from takeaway and groceries to electronics and clothing from Amazon’s greatly expanded online offering by the end of next year.

Well that was a long time coming.

Sell your Hardly Normal shares* now folks, Gerry’s reign is over.

This is putting retail on notice well in advance. Will it be the end of the “little-guy” or the beginning of a new landscape? Time will tell but one thing I can tell you, it’s something all of us have been wanting for a long, long time!

*Not a financial advisor.

Source: Amazon lays out Australian commitment

US ISPs will soon be selling your digital footprint to the highest bidder

In a 215-205 vote, largely along party lines, House Republicans prevailed in their push to cancel regulations that would have required internet providers to seek a customer’s permission before collecting their sensitive private data, such as web-browsing history, and sharing it with third parties like advertisers.

All that it requires now; a signature from the capitalist poster-child King Drumpf.

What an absolutely sad turn of events for the American people, as if their President wasn’t bad enough already. Zero privacy, cogs in an advertising machine courtesy of their elected government.

Source: Congress just voted to strip away FCC rules that protected your internet privacy – Recode

Review: Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn (HZD) is the latest title from long time PlayStation collaborator Guerrilla Games. Known primarily for their highly successful first-person shooter series Killzone the last thing anyone expected Guerrilla to produce was an open-world RPG title. What’s surprised people even more is just how well they’ve pulled it off, creating one of the year’s most successful and well received titles that many are already heralding as “game of the year”. Continue reading

Amazon’s AWS now does call centres too

Amazon Conenct

Amazon Connect is a self-service, cloud-based contact center service that makes it easy for any business to deliver better customer service at lower cost. Amazon Connect is based on the same contact center technology used by Amazon customer service associates around the world to power millions of customer conversations.

This is one of their first fully-fledged products that sits outside of a purely digital space. The move means AWS becomes a direct competitor with one of its biggest partners in Salesforce as well as pitching itself against the likes of Oracle and SAP.

For the time being not many Australian companies will be looking to signup to the service, Amazon Connect offers phone inbound numbers in the US and 18 countries throughout Europe only.

Source: Amazon Connect – Cloud-Based Contact Center

Now Elon Musk wants your brain and AI to be friends

Neural lace could help humans keep apace with rapidly accelerating advancements in artificial intelligence, which Musk said will cause humanity to “be left behind by a lot.” With the help of brain implants that are directly linked to computers, humans may be able to improve their brain function, or even one day download their thoughts or upload the thinking of others.

Make up your mind Elon. Are you behind AI or not? Or is it just OK now you’ve invested millions in a company that somehow wants to link us to one that it’s better?

Honestly, I love Tesla and SpaceX and how they’re a driving force in change, but sometimes I think Musk could say he’s behind wearing shit on your sleeve because it makes you smarter and people would nod their heads and invest.

Source: Elon Musk wants to connect computers to your brain so we can keep up with robots – Recode

Qantas cancels inflight Wi-Fi launch

Qantas has cancelled its planned launch of free inflight wi-fi this week due to “stability issues” with the service. […]

But it has been forced to cancel this week’s scheduled debut, which included a media launch and test flight on Monday 27 March, due to issues with the stability of the service.

Firmly blaming the shit-heap that is the NBN and it’s crowning turd, the Sky Muster satellite service.

Source: Qantas cancels launch of free inflight wi-fi – Telco/ISP – iTnews

Play Splatoon 2 this weekend in Nintendo’s “Global Testfire”

Splatoon 2 Testfire - Title Screen

At certain times of day from 25-26th March, players will get to enjoy 4-on-4 online Turf Wars against fellow Inklings across two maps – The Reef and Mussleforge Fitness – as well as test out new weapons such as the Splat Dualies, and remixed versions of the iconic Splat Roller and Splat Charger.

In an effort to tide everyone over now that they’ve finished Zelda and wondering what to do with their $500 investment until Mario comes out in December, Nintendo are having an testing event for Splatoon 2 this weekend.

The test is running for an hour at a time at 6am, 2pm and 10pm this Saturday & Sunday.