Author: Raj Deut

Anthony Aguis and Raj Deut take a look back at the biggest tech headlines over the last fortnight including the unveiling of Huawei’s Harmony OS, Disney+ coming to Aussie shores, WordPress buying Tumblr & more.

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You basically need a college degree to figure out Intel’s CPU lineup at the best of times, let alone after today’s new announcements.

Comet Lake, which are considered a part of Intel’s 10th generation of CPUs, are sub 15W processors that are largely, if not entirely, lipstick wearing versions of their 14nm predecessor Skylake based units.

Designed for the laptop & ultra portable market, the new U & Y series CPUs will fall in line with Intels other 10nm 10-gen CPUs by incorporating WiFi6, Thunderbolt 3 & LPDDR4X support.

Launching in retail markets at the end of the year they could get into the hands of consumers sooner via OEMs making use of the CPUs.

Source: Intel Launches Comet Lake-U and Comet Lake-Y: Up To 6 Cores for Thin & Light Laptops

It doesn’t take much to make a great pair of truly wireless earbud headphones.

Look good.
Sound good.
Fit good.
And last long.

Four simple ingredients that virtually everyone, including Apple & their AirPoos, just love to fuck up in one way or another.

Beats have decided to do things a little differently with their new Powerbeats Pro though. Instead of hitting just a couple of the notes they’re tearing this karaoke bar of amateurs down, banging out tunes that hit them all like a pro. Continue reading