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Without officially attending the event Google’s still-to-be-launched game streaming service was on everyone’s lips.

To say this year’s E3 was anything more than a holding pattern would be an understatement. With new consoles expected from all of the big three next year briefings were mostly limited to information and games we already knew about.

With no Sony to be seen and Nintendo being Nintendo, Microsoft had the opportunity to own the show. We knew there’d be more details around their new console, but more importantly it was a chance for the company to solidify themselves as leaders in video games cloud-streaming future. Continue reading

Old mate Rail Roads is at it again. Just last month he said that he should be locked up if he doesn’t finish the next Game of Thrones by next year.

Well, now he’s writing the backstory and world-crafting an entire game with Dark Souls creator Hidetaka Miyazaki so there’s a good chance he’ll be behind bars.

In development for two year, Elden Ring was unveiled at Microsoft’s E3 briefing despite the fact the title will be coming to PC, PS4 & Xbox. The beautifully rendered trailer (embedded above) gives little away, talking of an “Elden Ring” broken by someone or something.

The trailer itself is already be the subject of a million theories and explainer videos but is largely a someone smashing a ring, presumably the Elden one, and a bunch of weird medieval set horror. Think Red Woman without her necklace but her hair is forging a hammer or she is the hammer. Who the fuck knows.

This game is so far away there’s little point in analysing it much further but we can at least pass on the information given to us during a press briefing.

Elden Ring is the most ambitious game ever made by From Software and Bandai Namco.

The game is an action RPG, that takes place in an open-world full of danger. According to Miyazaki the definition of open-world is open to interpretation so don’t expect it to the GTA of Dark Souls.

The world has been created by the critically acclaimed game director, Hidetaka Miyazaki and world-renowned writer George R R Martin.

Together they’ve worked on the character stories as well as the world’s mythology.

So there you have it. Basically fuck all, with little more likely to come for a year or more.

It really doesn’t matter to me. I, along with thousands of others just need either of those two names attached to a project to warrant me checking it out (and likely buying it).

As long as I’m not playing Bran or the Three-Eyed-Boring-Bowl-Cut or whatever his name is I’m down.

Pelicans. They’re big, they have beaks so gargantuan that they come with their own interdimensional pockets, and they’re massive dorks with a penchant for eating fish and probably small children. So naturally, these monochromatic non-passerines were chosen by Australian author Colin Thiele in 1964 as the emotional centre for a tale that would go on to be a much-loved classic. That tale was Storm Boy, and such is its enduring legacy of friendship, growing up and connection with the Australian landscape that it has inspired numerous adaptations. Continue reading

It’s become kind of ‘cool’ to bash Fallout 76. Whilst its release has been by no means “smooth” one could argue it’s been no rougher than any to come from Bethesda. In fact most of their games are lauded for their janky demeanour and are hilariously abundant with quirks, so why then has everyone been so quick to turn on this particular one and even more puzzling why am I enjoying it so much more? Continue reading

PAX Australia is just around the corner and whilst its absolutely jam packed with amazing things to see and play there are a few of them that, in our opinion, stand out above the rest. To play them though, you’ll probably need to jump in a queue at some point so plan wisely and bring that Nintendo Switch or DS with a battery pack to keep you busy!

Also, don’t forget you can catch me (Raj) on a panel at PAX too! Along with the Press Start gang we’ll be chatting about the console wars and if they’re still relevant on Friday night at 6:30pm in the Ibis (Bin Chicken) theatre. Come say hi! Continue reading