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Intel muddy the 10th-gen waters with new “Comet Lake” family of CPUs

Tags: tech

You basically need a college degree to figure out Intel’s CPU lineup at the best of times, let alone after today’s new announcements.

Comet Lake, which are considered a part of Intel’s 10th generation of CPUs, are sub 15W processors that are largely, if not entirely, lipstick wearing versions of their 14nm predecessor Skylake based units.

Designed for the laptop & ultra portable market, the new U & Y series CPUs will fall in line with Intels other 10nm 10-gen CPUs by incorporating WiFi6, Thunderbolt 3 & LPDDR4X support.

Launching in retail markets at the end of the year they could get into the hands of consumers sooner via OEMs making use of the CPUs.

Source: Intel Launches Comet Lake-U and Comet Lake-Y: Up To 6 Cores for Thin & Light Laptops

WordPress buys Tumblr for a song

Tags: tech

Verizon is set to sell the social network Tumblr to Automattic Inc, the owner of online publishing tool WordPress. A source familiar with the deal puts the price-tag “well below” $20 million.

The tumblr football gets passed along yet again.

Picked up for a lazy US$1.1b by Yahoo during the Marissa Myer years, the ailed former pornography repository microblogging service was then inherited by Verizon as a part of a larger deal.

New owners Automattic Inc have promised to continue running the platform as a seperate brand and have taken on all 200 employees to continue the service.

Source: Verizon agrees to sell Tumblr to owner of WordPress – Axios

Huawei’s new HarmonyOS operating system could severe the company’s Android ties

Tags: huawei, tech

At the Huawei Developer Conference today, Huawei launched HarmonyOS – a new microkernel-based, distributed operating system designed to deliver a cohesive user experience across all devices and scenarios.

If you’re like me then you’re saying micro-what around about now.

To break it down HarmonyOS is unlike your typical operating system. Most have a “kernel” at their core that does the basics and one kernel services an OS in its entirety.

HarmonyOS is a new way of tackling the OS. It uses a distributed microkernel system that in theory is more secure (you don’t just break into one and own the device), faster – up to 5x by all accounts and will allow for developed apps to scale across any device type using it.

The last one isn’t entirely new but no one has really achieved the holy grail of single dev across everything, so HarmonyOS could be a first there too.

Huawei announced that version 1.0 of HarmonOS would be included in devices such as smart screens later this year but it wouldn’t be using the fully distributed microkernel system alone. Instead it will sit alongside a Linux kernel and work with it before version 2.0 is released in 2020 that does away with it.

At that point Android and the company’s reliance on it could become a thing of the past but it will require a great uptake of the new OS to do so. End-users may have no choice though with the company potentially being forced to move away from Android due to continued licensing issues amidst the US’ ban.

Source: Smartphones, Tablets, PCs, Watches and Broadband | HUAWEI Australia