Oracle to takeover TikTok operations in the US

Trump's mate Larry sitting pretty

Reported by The Wall Street Journal this morning, Oracle stands to become TikTok’s “trusted tech partner” in the US, a day ahead of Trump’s imposed sale deadline.

The report comes just moments after Microsoft, the only other bidder for ByteDance’s TikTok operations, revealed they’d been unsuccessful in their proposal in a blog on their website.

“ByteDance let us know today they would not be selling TikTok’s US operations to Microsoft” states Microsoft.

Speculation around why Microsoft’s proposal was rejected appears to revolve around the reluctance of ByteDance to include the algorithm behind TikTok as a part of the operational sale.

Instead Oracle will need to develop their own and provide a US (and very, very Tump friendly) home for the app’s trove of user data.

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