Review roundup: Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy may not be on sale until next Wednesday but that doesn’t mean that some of the big outlets aren’t putting up their very, very complimentary reviews already. It’s ok Sony, I guess our copy got lost in the mail right?

The Lost Legacy is the first standalone (albeit smaller) title in the long running Uncharted series that doesn’t focus on Nathan Drake. The game instead centres around Uncharted 4 villain Nadine Ross and Drake’s former girlfriend Chloe Frazer as they explore the Indian jungle in search of treasure.

Available in Australian on the 23rd of August, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy will be sold both digitally through the PlayStation Store and in store for an RRP of A$54.95

Polygon – 9/10

I went into Uncharted: The Lost Legacy expecting a light stand-alone adventure, but it turns out to serve a much greater purpose. Despite the new protagonist, this game serves as a celebration of everything the Uncharted series has come to represent over a decade of mostly strong releases from Naughty Dog. And becauseof the new protagonist, it also offers a glimpse into what the franchise could become in the future

Press Start – 9/10

The Lost Legacy started out as a smaller DLC piece and ended up becoming a standalone game of its own. Whilst it plays very similarly to Uncharted 4, there are some new additions that are appreciated (and don’t make it a bad game by any stretch) but are questionable in their necessity.

NZ Gamer – 9

Whatever small missteps that Uncharted: The Lost Legacy does take, are drowned out in the fiery explosions of its set pieces. They’re forgotten, amidst the humour and humanity of its cast, and the witty banter they share. Chloe and Nadine are proof that Uncharted can exist – and thrive – without Nathan Drake.


Xbox One X pre-orders rumoured to go live after Gamescom briefing

Microsoft has been keeping pre-order information regarding Xbox One X close to its chest since the console’s reveal; however, as suspected, the pre-order campaign will kick off during gamescom.

It’s said that pre-orders will go live for Xbox One X after the briefing ends, according to The Verge.

Get those credit cards ready!

True or not I’ll be on the ground in Cologne for Gamescom this year and will have all the details!

Source: Xbox One X pre-order plans to be announced at gamescom, will reportedly go live after Xbox briefing | VG247

2017 PAX Australia Indie Showcase winners announced

…Australian and New Zealander Developers put forward almost 100 games with hopes to be included in the Indie showcase. A panel of games industry professionals judged each title on style, gameplay, innovation, and overall experience to choose the six stand-outs who would ultimately make it onto the show floor.

PAX Australia isn’t far away now folks! In fact if you haven’t ordered your pass yet you may want to get onto it quickly because they’re selling out!

The Indie Showcase is probably my favourite area of the PAX Aus show floor. The hard sweat and tears that these indie people put into their fantastic titles is amazing. I can’t wait to check it out again this year!

The winners of this year’s showcase are:

Source: Here’s The PAX Australia Indie Showcase Winners For 2017 | Kotaku Australia


Melbourne Airport finally allows UberX pickups for arrivals

From [today] Victorian travellers can ride with UberX to and from Melbourne Airport after the Commercial Passenger Vehicle Industry Bill was passed through Parliament last week.

UberX will be available to pick-up passengers in approved wait zones just steps away from the terminal.

The Melbourne Airport issued press release fails to mention that they’ll be charging a A$4 “access charge” for each UberX pickup. This fee can (and most likely will) be passed onto the rider.

Uber has not clarified if this is the case as yet.

Coincidently, immediately after the announcement Taxi drivers decided to form a blockade at the airport arrivals’ forecourt area disrupting traffic.

Wrong form of industry “disruption” guys.

Source: Melbourne Airport Media Releases | Melbourne Airport

How IMAX’s soon to be replaced film projectors work

400-pound film reels and a projector the size of a small car — getting an IMAX projector loaded and ready to play a movie is no joke. High Orbit Media takes you to the projector booth to see what it takes to play an IMAX movie — seven times a day.

I had a mate who was an IMAX projectionist back at uni. I remember him telling me stories about forklifts bringing in the reels and some dude breaking a toe once. It’s insane what goes into putting these films on.

IMAX is slowly phasing their 70mm film out however. Melbourne has already said goodbye to them, replaced with a new dual-4K laser projection system.

Source: How an IMAX Projector Works | Uncrate

iOS11 to bring long-absent controls to AirPods

Apple’s AirPods are currently limited to a trio of controls on both earpieces, but their functionality will be greatly enhanced this [spring] with the release of iOS 11, giving users the ability to give each wireless pod a separate, customizable function with a double tap.

Digging deeper into the settings, users will find that there are two new options for AirPod double-tap controls in iOS 11: “Next Track” and “Previous Track.” This joins the existing controls of “Siri,” “Play/Pause,” and “Off.”

One of my biggest gripes with the AirPods was their reliance on Siri to perform the most simple of functions. Thankfully Apple has been adding a lot of functionality into them via firmware and now OS updates, which is continuing to make them a very attractive option for people.

That said, the ability to skip tracks is really something that should’ve been in there day one. Wouldn’t you agree?

Source: Inside iOS 11: AirPods controls expand with separate left/right earpiece taps, skip track ability

Anthony reviews the Microsoft Surface Studio for PC & Tech Authority

Our own Anthony Agius on Microsoft’s new Surface Studio for PC & Tech Authority:

Ultimately, the decision to purchase the Surface Studio should revolve around how useful you’ll find its touch screen and the Surface Pen. Sure, a few executives will buy it as desk candy, but for the rest of us, unless you’re a creative professional whose software of choice has good multi-touch support, it’s difficult to recommend this expensive, but beautiful computer.

Great read, good job Ant!

Source: Review: Microsoft Surface Studio all-in-one PC – PC & Tech Authority