Amazon has launched a checkout free supermarket

Amazon just unveiled a grocery store without lines or checkout counters. Amazon Go, a 1800-square-foot retail space located in the company’s hometown of Seattle, lets shoppers just grab the items they want and leave; the order gets charged to their Amazon account afterwards.

Amazon Go works by using computer vision and sensors to detect what items you’re taking out of the store. You start by scanning an app as you enter the Amazon Go shop. You do your normal shopping, and the sensors throughout the store identify the items in your cart and charge them to your account when you walk out the door. It’ll feel like shoplifting, except you’re actually being watched by more cameras than you can imagine.

“I can’t wait to shoplift from this store.” – said every person without a moral compass.

Tech looks amazing. Idea has merit. For every checkout operator saved I’d be employing another security person to stand by the door though.

I’m sure they’ve done their sums based off self-serve checkout data and theft as they look to roll this out next year and apparently launch 2000 of them down the track.

Source: Amazon just launched a cashier-free convenience store – The Verge

Highlights from the 2016 PlayStation Experience

Following the PlayStation Experience 2016 that took place in San Francisco over the weekend, an array of exciting announcements were made during the keynote presentation.

There was definitely a lot on show this year but really the show was stolen by Naughty Dog and the revealing of The Last of Us – Part 2.

Other notable mentions go to a new “standalone” adventure for Uncharted 4 called “Uncharted: The Lost Legacy” as well as the announcement of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite for PS4 and a new footage from GT Sport.

The notable absentee award goes to Destiny 2 which was largely expected to be unveiled at the event but instead received another expansion on the original. More Sparrow racing anyone?

Source: All the announcements from PlayStation Experience 2016 – PlayStation.Blog.Europe

Check out the first gameplay footage from Prey

Prey is an upcoming first-person sci-fi action game from Arkane Studios – creators of the award-winning Dishonored series which includes the 2012 ‘Game of the Year’ and its recently released critically-acclaimed follow-up, Dishonored 2.

Prey blends simulation and narration, dropping you into a carefully crafted world, then setting you free to play as you want.

Calling it early. 2017 game of the year.

Bioshock meets Dead Space meets I Am Bread.

This is going to scare the absolute shit out of me. Can’t wait. just made its self-driving car code open source

Famed iPhone and PlayStation cracker George Hotz is resurrecting the DIY autonomous car project he canceled in October. But this time, there’s a twist: instead of selling a physical product, Hotz’s is releasing the company’s self-driving software, as well as the plans for the necessary hardware, which Hotz calls Comma Neo. All of this code will be available for free — in fact, it is already on Github.

It’s late on a Friday afternoon so why not download it and let your car drive you home!

Unfortunately Hotz’s project is turning out to be more talk than reality. It’s main reason for going open source: avoiding Californian authorities who have been hounding Hotz to delay release of what they consider a potentially dangerous product.

The list of requirement to actually make use of the code rules out most people. You need a specific Honda model car for a start so I don’t imagine too many giving it a go.

Source: George Hotz is giving away the code behind his self-driving car project – The Verge

Watch the Game Awards 2016 today at 12:30pm AEDST

Tune in live to watch The Game Awards 2016 on December 1st from anywhere in the world. Live coverage begins at 9:00 PM ET / 6:00 PM PT. The entire program will be available to watch right here on, and will also be distributed across all leading live video platforms

Call it the “Oscars of Video Games” if you must but the show is far more interesting for the new trailers and announcements than the awards themselves. Only because someone will complain about the nominees and what’s missing or the winner not deserving it because of x, y & z. So it really is like the Oscars after all!

Source: Watch the Show – The Game Awards 2016

Readdle’s popular iOS email client Spark arrives on the Mac App Store

Previously available for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, Readdle’s hit email client Spark launched on macOS on Wednesday, and is now available as a free download from the Mac App Store.

Key features from the iOS version of Spark have made their way to the Mac, including a “Smart Inbox” that allows users to view important emails first. In this view, messages are categorized as either Personal, Notifications, or Newsletters.

I used Spark for a while on my phone but switched to an all Airmail solution when they released their iOS app. It was just easier to keep everything in the same eco-system with synced snoozes, signatures and alike.

Now that Spark’s available on macOS & iOS I’m definitely keen on making the switch back. I’ve installed the desktop version today and given it a quick test run and whilst it’s pretty slick there are some strange things that make it just not-quite-right for me.

To give you an example, the smart inbox category feature is awesome and something I was really excited about. Annoyingly though once a message is marked “read” it pops it out of the category and into a “seen” one. I understand why but still I’d rather it didn’t.

It’s swiping mechanic which works so well on iOS is just plain broken here. The default left swipe of “pin” provides no feedback of it being achieved unless viewed in the smart inbox and the motion is clunky and not a great user experience.

A lot of this I imagine will be thrown back in the form of very constructive tweets to the team (I’m being sarcastic for the record) and we’ll see the app steadily progress. Hopefully to a point I can make a switch.

Lastly the app’s free. The iOS app’s free. What’s their business model here? Switch with caution for it may go the way of Mailbox!

Source: Readdle’s popular iOS email client Spark arrives on the Mac App Store