Adobe announce Flash is dead… or will be by 2020

Adobe is planning to end-of-life Flash. Specifically, we will stop updating and distributing the Flash Player at the end of 2020 and encourage content creators to migrate any existing Flash content to these new open formats.

Adobe has finally submitted to the fact Flash is an outdated, battery draining, security mess that needs to go away.

It’s not going away quickly though. Updates and support will continue until 2020 giving content creators still using Flash (there are some??) plenty of time to migrate to other solutions.


Source: Flash & The Future of Interactive Content | Adobe

Melbourne is getting a dedicated esports bar in late August

This August, Australia gets its first dedicated esports bar. With perfect cocktails, restaurant-quality food and state-of-the-art screens showing esports competitions and events from here and abroad, GG EZ Bar will be a truly unique venue for the Australian bar and gaming landscape. As well as an excellent esports bar, GG EZ Bar is designed to be an esports community hub, hosting meet-ups and events throughout the year, becoming a permanent home to Australia’s ever-growing number of esports fans.

Fresh off the back of Australia’s inspiring win in Sydney this past weekend comes the official announcement that Australia’s first esports bar will be opening on Queen St in the Melbourne CBD.

It’s an interesting concept, I’ll give it that. We’ve seen gaming bars come and go in the past but they’ve all focused on playing games not watching them.

According to their press release the GG EZ esports bar will:

  • Have an ultra-late license meaning they can cater for virtually any major event around the world.
  • Be a licensed venue – 18+ only.
  • Opening late August
  • Have a truly eccentric and delicious offerings such as our peculiar range of Adult Bubble Teas
  • A full kitchen.

The bar comes to us from entrepreneur & “futurist” Jamie Skella and with the hospitality chops of Lachlan McAllister who is behind the well known Melbourne haunt, Lilly Blacks.

Source: GG EZ Bar


Review: Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 Laptop

The new XPS 13 2-in-1 is Dell’s latest offering in what is still a relatively small hybrid laptop/tablet market. It’s not that hybrids haven’t been around for years now, quite the opposite in fact, the first hybrids hit the market a decade ago. The problem they’ve had is that most of them (up until recently) have just been complete shite, but Dell have taken the bull by the horns, embracing the convertible to create what I believe is one of the most satisfying laptops I’ve used in the past few years.

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The Rock to co-star in new “film” with Siri? WHAT THE?!

Seemingly out of nowhere, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has announced on his personal Twitter account that he will soon be starring in a movie created in partnership with Apple. Co-starring alongside The Rock is none other than Siri, Apple’s artificial intelligent assistant.

Stand down people, it’s just a dumb commercial, NOT a movie!

Remember when Apple used to make great commercials? Oh and great computers for that matter too…

Source: Apple partners w/ Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson for new ‘movie’ co-starring Siri | 9to5Mac


The Destiny 2 “open beta” kicks off tonight

Players worldwide are invited to experience a variety of activities including the opening story mission, ‘Homecoming’, and cooperative and competitive modes, before Destiny 2’s launch on September 6, 2017.

The beta has already been open for a couple of days but that required you to have pre-ordered the game.

The “open beta” kicks off on both PlayStation and Xbox from 3am (AEST) tonight and runs through until the 23rd.

PC peeps, your beta comes in August so stayed tuned!

Source: Destiny the Game | Beta

Musk, The Boring Company & Hyperloop gain government approval for a 220 mile tunnel


Elon Musk says he won “verbal” government approval to build the world’s longest tunnel for an ultra-high-speed train line to connect New York to Washington.

The train, known as a hyperloop, would make the 220 mile connection in 29 minutes, Musk said in a post on Twitter Thursday. He provided few details, and a spokesperson for his new digging enterprise, called the Boring Company, declined to comment on the project.

The Musk-hype-train went into overdrive this morning when the man  dropped a tweet saying they were going to get to work on what would be the world’s longest tunnel connecting NY & DC.

The Boring Company has since come out to re-iterate the verbally accepted proposal but with no signatures on dotted lines it’s nothing more than a bunch of political head nods and handshakes.

There are no details around when the project might start and considering the Boring Company is nothing more than a second hand tunnel digger and Hyperloop doesn’t have a full scale functioning prototype it could be a long while.

Interestingly I found out today, the HyperLoop system, which Musk deemed too time consuming to pursue himself, requires a virtually straight tunnel to function. No bends in the underground roads of the future it would seem.

Source: Elon Musk Claims U.S. Approval for World’s Longest Tunnel – Bloomberg

US insurer State Farm sues Apple for house fire

According to State Farm, preliminary investigations of the alleged faulty device shows evidence of a “significant and localized heating event” near the battery, as well as remnants of internal shorting. The signs indicate that an internal failure caused the fire, the complaint reads.

State Farm and [co-plaintiff Xai] Thao are leveling two counts against Apple, the first alleging that the iPhone 4S in question was defective when it reached Thao’s hands. A second cause of action argues negligence on Apple’s part for designing, manufacturing, and placing the device in circulation.

Not that Apple shouldn’t be held accountable if it is in fact their faulty phone/battery that started a fire but god forbid an insurance company actually pay out for an insurance claim.

Instead one of America’s largest insurance companies is taking America’s largest company to court hoping for a quick and easy payout.

This one could go on for a long time but it will be interesting to see the hardware reports as Apple have a history of proving these fires aren’t their fault, while other manufacturers cough Samsung cough might just love it if it were.

Source: State Farm sues Apple over house fire allegedly caused by ‘defective’ iPhone