Amazon’s new Echo Look is Alexa for the fashion conscious

On Wednesday, Amazon introduced its latest Alexa-powered device, a gadget with a built-in camera that is being marketed as a way to photograph, organize and get recommendations on outfits. Of course, Amazon will then try to sell you clothing, too.

The new version of the popular Echo — this one is being dubbed the Echo Look — responds to commands like “Alexa, take a photo” or “Alexa, take a video.” It costs $200, or $20 more than the original Echo device, and does all the same things the cheaper one does, with new additions.

What’s today’s date?
What?! It’s not April 1st?
Wow, OK, I guess this is legit then…

But in all seriousness, this shit is going to go gang busters amongst the millennial-influencers’ crowd.

Source: Amazon’s new $200 Alexa device will give you advice on your outfits – Recode

Gameplay footage of new AFL video game AFL Evolution finally appears


Fresh off the GWS Giants showing images of the team playing the game, the GWS has now released footage of the game. It’s brief, but we also get our first look at proper in-game gameplay.

Footy! Meat pies, rain pissing down, bunch of peeps kicking balls through sticks on grass. ‘Straya!

Scarily the game’s being released in just over a week and this is the first time anyone has seen any gameplay publicly. That’s encouraging…


Source: Here’s The First Actual AFL Evolution Gameplay Footage

Atlassian HipChat hacked in password theft

Australian software vendor Atlassian has reset all user passwords for its popular workplace communication platorm HipChat after an attacker broke into the platform and accessed user data.

All passwords on HipChat user accounts have been invalidated and users instructed to reset the credentials.

To channel a little Steve Ballmer:

Password manager,
Password manager,
Password manager.

Don’t be a fool try out 1Password or LastPass if you’re not using one already.

Source: All HipChat passwords reset after damaging hack – Security – iTnews

Foxtel to launch new streaming box with “Play” rebrand

Foxtel: Play

Foxtel is set to unveil its revamped and rebranded subscription video on-demand service and has finalised a device manufacturer for its long-awaited Apple TV-style streaming puck […]

After much to-ing and fro-ing, the pay television provider is understood to have finalised its device manufacturer for its puck, a device which plugs into a television and streams on-demand, catch-up and live content usually via the internet, and can host third-party apps such as Netflix.

If you can’t beat them, join them?

In what I assume is a move to keep with the times Foxtel’s decision to go to the trouble of producing it’s own hardware seems… dumb.

Scarily it’s said Foxtel are having their IQ3 box supplier Arris supply the box – which will alarm anyone who’s been forced to use one. Don’t expect it to be well supported or useful for any apps outside of a core few with the likelihood it’s locked down tight.

The only (and very, very welcomed) advantage I can see in Foxtel having their own hardware would be to introduce recording functionality exclusively to it. Otherwise they’d be better off spending money elsewhere.

Source: Foxtel to rebrand streaming service, launch Apple TV-style device |

Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality is available now

The game, which is available now on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, lets players assume the role of a Morty clone as he helps Rick with various tasks, from doing laundry to gunning down agents from the Galactic Federation. Early reviews have been mostly positive, with Gizmodo calling it “one of the best VR experiences you can play“.

If there was ever an argument to blow $1k on a VR headset this would be it.

Source: Wrap Your Eyeholes Around The Trailer For The New ‘Rick And Morty’ VR Game – Junkee

Google’s building an ad blocker for Chrome

The ad-blocking feature, which could be switched on by default within Chrome, would filter out certain online ad types deemed to provide bad experiences for users as they move around the web.

Unacceptable ad types would be those recently defined by the Coalition for Better Ads, an industry group that released a list of ad standards in March. According to those standards, ad formats such as pop-ups, auto-playing video ads with sound and “prestitial” ads with countdown timers are deemed to be “beneath a threshold of consumer acceptability.”

Auto-playing videos?!
Fairfax and News Corp would be totally up shit creek. Bring it on!

While the WSJ report on information that alludes to all ads being blocked on a site if one of their ads is “unacceptable” I sincerely doubt Google’s own will ever be affected here.

Source: Google Plans Ad-Blocking Feature in Popular Chrome Browser – WSJ