You can finally stream and play your Xbox on a phone

Microsoft released a new version of their Xbox app yesterday that enables remote play from your Xbox console to a smartphone or tablet.

Similar to the long standing “Remote Play” feature on Sony’s PlayStation, the new Xbox app allows you to stream games and content from your own console.

This allows users to play their games on their phones/tablet with a connected Xbox controller. Games can be streamed via a users local home network or if your upload speed is good enough, you can give it a shot remotely too.

Unlike Microsoft’s impending xCloud service, you are required to have an Xbox One (or the upcoming Xbox One X) to serve as the source for your streaming experience. The Remote Play feature also has no subscription, therefore has passed through Apple’s approval process with no issue.

Think of your Xbox as the video game equivalent of a Plex Media Server that lets you play Halo on the can.

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