Deltahub Carpio 2.0 wrist rest video review

As mentioned in our Carpio 2 review video below, this modern wrist rest has three major differences over its traditional competitors.

60 second review of the Deltahub Carpio 2.0

What sets the Carpio 2 apart

  • Its Teflon base allows it to move fiction-free across any surface and encourages you to use your whole arm for mouse movement and not stress your wrist.
  • The silicon pads mould to support the base of your palm keeping your arm straight without applying pressure to the wrist or restricting bloodflow.
  • And finally it’s low height means your hand is in a natural flat position instead being angled back, which can damage wrist ligaments.

Frustrating, but worth it!

Pros aside, the Carpio’s biggest downfall is the time it takes to get used to it!

Your palm needs to sit in a sweet spot for it to work effectively and for the first month or two you’re going to hate it, but please stick with it!

As someone who’s had multiple wrist operations, I can honestly say the relief is noticeable and the frustration worth pushing through!


Available in both right & left handed versions (yay lefties) the Deltahub Carpio 2.0 will set you back €30 or around A$50.

Deltahub Carpio 2.0
Glides across any surface
Fantastic wrist relief
Takes a while to get used to