Microsoft expand Surface lineup with new “Surface Laptop Go”

Go, go, Surface laptop!

The Surface lineup has proven a fruitful endeavour for Microsoft. This week they continued to grow their highly popular family with their newest addition, the Surface Laptop Go.

The new “Go” incarnation takes on a pure laptop format, playing the little brother role to the existing Surface Laptop lineup, just as the original Surface Go did to the Surface tablet.

There’s no secret about how I feel about the Surface Go, I think it’s one of the coolest pieces of kit around and heavily rivals, if not beats, Apple’s iPad Pro in many respects for my own personal wants & needs.

With that said the new laptop version has me feeling a little underwhelmed. Sitting in a space that would pit it against Apple’s MacBook Air or Huawei’s MateBook, the new Surface Laptop Go offers just one advantage in the retention of its touch screen, albeit without any support for the Surface Pen.

Available for preorder today, Surface Laptop Go extends the Surface lineup by delivering standout design at a more affordable price.

Pricing in the Go range has always been competitive and the new Surface Laptop Go is no different, starting at just under A$999 for the Intel Core i5, 4GB RAM & 64GB storage base version. The full model range includes:

  • $999 – Surface Laptop 12.45” i5/4/64
  • $1249 – Surface Laptop 12.45” i5/8/128
  • $1549 – Surface Laptop 12.45” i5/8/256

Surface Pro X

In addition to the new Surface Laptop Go, Microsoft announced an updated version of their ARM based Surface Pro X, which starts at a cool A$2,449.

The Pro X is largely an experimental for my mind, with the available of Windows 10X (which will run natively on the ARM processor) not due until the middle of next year. With that said the new version also brings an update to allow it to run both 32-bit & 64-bit apps in an emulated state making it far more useful and a clear indication that just like Apple, Microsoft are wanting to run, not walk, into the custom silicon space.

The new Surface Laptop Go and Surface Pro X are available to order from the Microsoft Store immediately and due for shipping October 13th.


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