TPG & Vodafone buy the last of Australia’s available 4G spectrum


Last year the Federal Government announced it would be auctioning off two 15 MHz lots of the 700 MHz spectrum, used to provide 4G mobile broadband. Today, the w
inning bids for the auction have been announced, with TPG and Vodafone snapping it up.

TPG picked up two lots of 10 MHz for $1,260,161,000 (that’s $2.75/MHz/pop) and Vodafone bought two lots of five MHz for $285,907,000 (at the reserve price of $1.25/MHz/pop).

Welcome to the wireless game TPG.

On another note it’s good to see Voda stay true to their promise. The new spectrum purchase should, in a large way, help improve their current network reliability and congestion.

Source: TPG And Vodafone Just Bought The Last Of The 700MHz Spectrum For $1.5 Billion | Gizmodo Australia