The new DJI Mini 2 drone is your ultimate flying photo buddy

Small size, great battery, 4K & at a good price!

The new DJI Mini 2 drone is the ultimate consumer package. Light weight, small in size, a great battery life with a 4K camera for under $750. This thing just made my DJI Spark look like utter garbage! Throw it in the bin!

I love a good drone, but the reality of me using them very sporadically means that I’ve not reinvested since buying a DJI Spark many moons ago.

The new Mini 2 has me thinking it might be time to upgrade though. It folds down into a tiny unit in a similar fashion to that of the Mavic Air 2, it weight less than 250 grams and yet somehow has a 31 minute flying time, which on its own has me interested! There’s nothing worse than finally framing the perfect shot in heavy winds and have the drone start to return home because you’ve sucked up 15 minutes of juice like I constantly seem to do with the Spark.

Camera wise the new Mini 2 is a little beast. 4K @ 30fps there’s also 2x optical/4x digital zoom packed in there too. You’ll also be able to operate the drone up to 10km away! That’s crazy. Not something I particularly want to test out either, I freak out almost every time I can’t see where my drone is personally, but that’s some insane relay of real-time imagery.

Available immediately the DJI Mini 2 starts at A$749 for the base unit or $949 for the “Fly More Combo” which includes extra propellors, case, batteries and cables for A$949.

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