Revamped 1Password For Android Now Available

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AgileBits blog:

1Password 4 for Android is now rolling out for phones and tablets. It is a brand new app and should be available in Google Play soon as soon as Google’s servers update!

This is a fully operational, add-and-edit-all-your-items-able, one-tap Login-able new version of 1Password that has been rebuilt from the first line of code to the last icon.

A huge, huge update over their last Android app. It looks fantastic too.

They’re also doing something quite interesting with the price — going for a free, read-only app (which is unlocked for now):

1Password 4 for Android is a free app, and through August 1, 2014, all features are unlocked and free for everyone to try. After that, it will switch to being a reader client for your vault, a perfect companion for syncing your data with 1Password for Mac and PC.

If you want all editing features of 1Password 4 for Android after August 1, you can unlock them with a one-time in-app purchase. We’re still figuring out what that price is going to be, but we’ll have details soon!

Generally 1Password has always been a little more expensive and Apple device-oriented than their competition. With this update, they look to be addressing both of those issues at once. Very cool.

Also, I really hope this in-app purchase experiment is a success, and carries over into iOS. I certainly think it would encourage more people to try 1Password.

After this, there’s only one big-ticket item left on their update docket: 1Password for Windows.