Author: James Croft

Join James Croft, Anthony Aguis, and special guest Benny Ling as we go in-depth on all the hardware and announceables that Apple rolled out in the last week or so. iPads! iMacs! AirPods! A metal credit card! Steven Spielberg! Oprah! And much more.

Also – hi, this is James and I have an announcement – this will be my third last show. I’ll say my proper goodbyes in 2 episodes time. Thanks everyone who’s ever taken the time to listen. You folks are the real MVPs.

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Join James Croft, Raj DeutAnthony Agius and special guest Terence Huynh as we chat about dirty data done dirt cheap, Spotify gradually becoming the Netflix of audio, Apple wrecking Fed square with their eventual Telstra shop, and Australia’s tech scene rising up against the Assistance and Access legislation that was rushed into law last year.


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Join James Croft, Raj Deut, and Anthony Agius as we chat about Facebook: the place where everyone goes to become a monster, we chat about Red Dead 2 and whether that game is fun or not? I dunno. Maybe. You ride horses a lot. Sometimes I think it’s fun. But sometimes I’m browsing Twitter while my horse is automatically running itself into the back of a wagon. Is that a fun game? Why am I looking at a phone while I’m playing a fun game? Should I just be doing something completely different, like learning another language, or reading about how to maintain proper form when doing a barbell squat? Should I be outside running around the block getting fit? Should I be making wise investment choices? Examining the mysteries of the universe? Figuring out how to re-sand this table? I don’t know how I’m supposed to do that. I don’t even have any sandpaper!

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Join James Croft, Raj Deut, and Anthony Agius as we discuss a whole crateload of news and reviews. Allow me to summarise in the show notes: man, the Mini is fast! But hoo boy, it’s expensive! The MacBook Air is better! But it’s also, like, confusing! And still quite expensive! The iPad is fast! But man, it’s expensive, and can’t do a bunch of computer things! Facebook is kerosene poured on a fire of social unrest. PAX is a cool convention for games.

Now you know these things, you still have to listen to the show. I insist.

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Join James Croft, Raj Deut, and Anthony Agius on a big week in tech news. We got Google, doing Googley things. Releasing phones. Home hubs. Shutting stuff down. Supply chains are getting hacked. Or maybe not. We’re not sure. We got Intel, adding another lake to their collection of lakes. Cannon Lake. Coffee Lake. Ice Lake. Why do they hunger for lakes? Will there be any other lakes left for our future generations or will they all be processors? We got xCloud, a stream-gaming service that works on the premise that your internet isn’t a pile of doodie. And Surface. I’ve recently been reviewing horizontal surfaces. I gotta tell you – they’re great when you need a flat plane in 3D space to rest a beverage on. Would recommend.

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James Croft receives a telegram from his friend Raj Deut saying he’s in danger in Alaska and needs help. He also suggests bringing his brother’s friend Anthony Agius. They arrive in Alaska and set up camp. During a search of the island they find a knapsack, a map, and a piece of jade.

Later, at The Devil’s Paw they lean of an ancient burial site where people would steal gold and jewelry. They use the map to locate the site, find the camp of the gang, and recap a bunch of tech news. The gang is captured, but escapes with the help of their friend Larry Page. The boys learn the true meaning of friendship.

Apple Watch Series 4 
iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max, iPhone XR
iPhone X, SE and 6s are out 
Where is AirPower exactly?
Cheap battery replacement program ends by Dec 31st – get your battery done
Bunch of HomePod updates

Watch Series 4 – Pre-order Sept 14, on sale 21st
iPhone Xs – Pre-order Sept 14, on sale 21st
iPhone XR – Pre-order Oct 19, on sale 26th Oct
watchOS 5 & iOS 12 – Sept 18
tvOS 12 – Sept 17
Mojave – Sept 24

I don’t own the latest iPhone & I’m OK with that (I think) 
Inbox is dead 
We are all searching for the perfect headphones. Maybe they are here…? 
OLED TVs are getting crazy cheap again…