Liberals to introduce NBN-tax to end users in June sitting of parliament


The government is pushing to introduce a $7.10 minimum monthly broadband tax for fixed-line NBN users to pay for the future cost of the fixed wireless and satellite portions of the NBN.

Users of “superfast” fixed-line services will pay the tax, which starts at $7.10 a month. The tax will be charged to retail service providers, who the government has admitted will pass on the cost to customers.

About 95 percent of those taxed will be NBN fixed-line customers, while the remainder will come from operators such as TPG, which has been deploying fibre-to-the-basement services in metro areas.

What was the Liberals’ promise on the NBN again?
Better, faster, cheaper?

Not only have they wasted three years muddying the waters with their multi-technology-mixture and inferior rollout plan they’re now over budget, back-peddling and about to charge YOU for electing them to make their mistakes.

Abolish a carbon tax that held big polluters (your mates) responsible for their actions and rob the little guy to pay for government infrastructure.

Fair suck of the sav Malc!

Source: Govt to introduce legislation for broadband tax – Telco/ISP – iTnews