Kickstarter goes head to head with Patreon relaunching acquired service “Drip”

Today, the company is launching its first new funding product since launch, Drip. Instead of supporting a specific project, subscribers can now make a recurring payment to a creator. A Drip can offer rewards to subscribers based on when they pledged, or how much they give.

The Verge has an exclusive and interesting long-form piece on Drip’s origin Kickstarter’s need to develop its early acquisition to battle its stagnant growth.

Right now I can’t see any reason or incentive for anyone to jump ship. Perhaps they’ve got something up their sleeve that they’re waiting to tell us all about? I’m not sure why you wouldn’t tell everyone now though instead of waiting until it’s out of invite-only beta.

Source: Kickstarter launches Drip, a new service that lets fans subscribe to their favorite creators – The Verge

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