Kickstarter Australia (& NZ) Starts November 13

Michael McGregor for Kickstarter:

In August we announced that Kickstarter would soon open up to projects based in Australia and New Zealand for the first time. Today we’re happy to announce that the day has finally come!

Projects can be drafted beginning today. Floodgates open November 13th.

There’s also a couple fees to be aware of if you’re thinking of starting a project; pledges less than $10 AUD are charged 5% + $0.05 AUD, and pledges of $10 AUD or greater are charged 3% + $0.20 AUD. Kickstarter also takes their 5% cut for a successfully funded project.

Still, can’t beat that Kickstarter brand. I think this will be very tempting for a lot of people with ideas who haven’t taken the crowdfunding plunge yet.