Don’t have the app? Google will just stream it

Google announced today that it’s beginning to test a feature that will stream apps to Android phones when someone finds a result from them through Search. If you’re searching for hotel bookings, for instance, a search result from HotelTonight might appear. Because HotelTonight doesn’t let you book through its website, Google will stream the HotelTonight app, allowing you to tap through it to explore listings and make a booking.

The slow beginnings of our phone’s requiring almost zero CPU power. Dumb terminals, they’ll ultimately just display a stream in the non-too-distant future. Maybe.

Now bankrupt OnLive tried this streaming games to your home. It sadly didn’t take off for a whole bunch of reasons but networking speed and latency were definitely a couple of them.

But we don’t need anything faster than 25Mbps right Mr Turnbull?

Source: Google can now stream apps to your phone | The Verge

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