Don’t get catfished on Valentine’s Day

Aussie's have lost up to A$37.2m in online dating scams over past 12 months

Thirty-seven million! That’s a lot of spondoolies that have been pissed away by Aussies when it comes to online dating scams over the past twelve months.

In a report released by using data from the ACCC’s ScamWatch it’s been revealed that one in four Australians believe they’ve been the victim of an online dating or catfish scam. The most of these appear to come to from NSW with more than A$12.8m attributed to the state.

February proves to be the biggest month for scams, theorised to be linked to Valentine’s Day as Australians look to form a connection using social media and other methods.

Interestingly the most affected age group are 45-54 year olds with 73% of reported victims being women.


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