Optus & Vocus join Telstra in compensating FTTN/FTTB customers

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Optus has bowed to pressure and announced refunds to customers for not delivering on promises of high speed internet.

Vocus has also confirmed it is working the the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission and will also compensate customers once a review is complete.

Vocus includes such consumer brands as iPrimus and Dodo.

The ABC who filed the source article also reached out to TPG who did not respond to their request for comment. I’d expect they’ll follow suit now that everyone’s jumping on board the “good guy” train. If they don’t they’ll have a slew of angry iiNet, Internode and their self-branded TPG customers to deal with.

Source: Optus, Vocus join Telstra in compensating customers for slow NBN – The World Today – ABC Radio

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