Another Soylent Experimenter

Brian Merchant at Motherboard:

“Be careful,” my girlfriend Corrina said, above all else, after protesting my dive into this culinary Linux. My friends and family were pretty uniformly worried when I explained the Soylent undertaking. “You don’t really know if it’s safe,” Corrina said. “It’s also just kind of a dumb idea.”Like its most acid-tongued critics, she hated Soylent. She hated that it meant we couldn’t eat meals together for the next month, at home or out, and she loved cooking. She hated the philosophy that propelled it; she was a staunch proponent of eating healthy, whole foods, of the importance of eating meals together.

Another person trying out Soylent, this time for 30 days. The main thing I found people not understanding about Soylent is that it’s not the be all and end all of food. It’s just another thing you can eat when you don’t feel like eating something, but you need to eat something. Watch the video Brian made too, goes for 24 min:

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