Victoria’s first large-scale solar farms to begin construction in April


Three solar farms, with a combined output of 320 megawatts, are scheduled to be up and running by 2018 in the northwest Victorian towns of Yatpool, Iraak and Wemen.

Running at peak capacity, that’s enough electricity to power Geelong, Ballarat and Bendigo all at the same time.

According to The Age work on the $500 million project is set to begin in April, and will create 200 jobs.

It’s about god-damn time. Australia, one of the world’s sunniest countries, has jack-shit to show when it comes to solar and its implementation as a legitimate clean power source. Our largest to date is a poultry 102 megawatt installation in Nyngan, NSW, run by AGL.

We should be building these all over the country and big power providers should jump on to stay relevant before becoming the taxi industry to today’s Uber.

Source: Victoria Will Have Its First Large Scale Solar Power Stations By 2018 | Gizmodo Australia

NBN Co to introduce new tiered pricing for retail service providers June 1

NBN Co will move its contentious broadband pricing structure for retail service providers [RSP] to an individualised model, following complaints about its previous industry-wide approach.

It today said the new tailored approach will come into effect on June 1. It applies to all NBN technologies except satellite.

The network builder said the tiered pricing model meant [connectivity virtual circuit (CVC) charge] in some cases now went down to as low as $8 per Mbps.

What does it mean? Theoretically, more affordable plans at higher speeds for the end user. It’s a shame the Libs fucked up the higher speed offering for a lot of folk now stuck on a 25mbps FTTN connection.

End result, hope you’re on FTTP/FTTB to take advantage of the soon to be lower CVC costs which is charged per Mbps per month.

Source: NBN Co bends to RSP calls for revamped fees

Australia is getting a new $10 note


‘The $10 banknote celebrates two famous Australian writers, Dame Mary Gilmore and AB ‘Banjo’ Paterson. Their work is recognised in several design elements on the banknote, including images of a pen nib in two of the clear windows and excerpts of their poetry in microprint.’

Each banknote in the new series will feature a different species of native Australian wattle and bird. The $10 banknote features the Bramble Wattle (Acacia victoriae) and the Sulphur-crested Cockatoo (Cacatua galerita).

Leading the world in plastic banknote technology. Shame our government keeps cutting the CSIRO’s funding that you know developed this and this thing you might of heard of… Wi-Fi amongst others.

Source: Next Generation of Banknotes: $10 Design Reveal | Media Releases | RBA

PAX Australia 2017 dates announced

PAX Aus Logo

PAX Australia will take place 27-29 Oct. 2017 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre and tickets are scheduled to go on sale 14 March, 2017.

Thankfully moving out of it’s hideous Melbourne Cup conflicting dates of last year.

Book your flights and accommodation early folks!

Adorable “Where’s Wally” like game Hidden Folks is out today


Search for hidden folks in hand-drawn, interactive, miniature landscapes. Unfurl tent flaps, cut through bushes, slam doors, and poke some crocodiles! A strip of targets shows you what to look for. Tap a target for a hint, and find enough to unlock the next area.

Everything in Hidden Folks is draw by hand, scanned in, placed, layered manually, animated, and scripted. All sounds you’ll hear originate from the developers’ mouths. There are no time limits, no points, just areas with a bunch of folks and objects to be found.

Do you want to play possibly the most adorable iOS game that doesn’t make you look like a crazy cat lady?! Hidden Folks is what you’re after.

I’m not a huge iOS gaming guy but this little indie title is just plain and simple fun. Imagine your “Where’s Wally” book come to life and each tap of a finger exhumes animation and sound.

Everyone seems to be lauding how their kids are enjoying it so far but fuck that, I’m not ashamed to say it’s the most fun I’ve had on my iPhone since the frustratingly addiction that is Super Mario Run.

Hidden Folks is on the App Store for A$5.99 and is also available for Mac & Windows on Steam.

Source: Hidden Folks

Qantas in-flight Wi-Fi will include free access to Foxtel, Netflix and Spotify

Qantas customers on Wi-Fi enabled domestic flights will be able to watch their favourite shows, avoid missing out on live sport and listen to almost any song they like, with Foxtel, Netflix and Spotify coming on board to provide content in 2017.

While Foxtel, Netflix and Spotify are all paid subscription services, they will offer free access to Qantas customers on and off the aircraft for between three days and one month after their Qantas flight. Specifically:

  • Foxtel will offer three days free access to its Foxtel app every time a customer flies, allowing customers to stream live sports, news and TV shows as well as its full range of on-demand content. No sign-up to a subscription is required.
  • Netflix will offer new customers access to the entire Netflix service as part of a 30-day free trial. Existing Netflix members only need to log in to continue watching at no extra charge.
  • Spotify will offer a 30 day free trial of its Premium music service, which has no ads, shuffle play and unlimited skips.

Literally gob-smacked that this is happening, especially as the Wi-Fi access  is going to be free for anyone to use onboard.

It should also be noted that the Wi-Fi tech in use here is very different to what’s generally used by airlines at present. If you’ve ever used it in the US for example you know how painfully slow and incapable of streaming it is. For Qantas (and any other airline down-under) in-flight Wi-Fi, with it’s streaming capabilities, comes courtesy of the nbn’s Sky Muster service.

Qantas’ domestic fleet is currently scheduled to be upgraded with Wi-Fi across the board by “Mid 2017”.

Source: Media Releases – Qantas Wi-Fi to get a workout with Foxtel, Netflix and Spotify on board – Qantas News Room

ABC iview is finally going HD (almost)

Exclusive: At last. ABC iview will upscale to High Definition in the first half of this year.

Head of Programming and Digital Rebecca Heap recently told TV Tonight, “I’m pleased to say it’s approved and currently on the worklist of the team. It will be coming in the first half of this year.”

But while it won’t quite be a true 1080p resolution due to costs, Heap says viewers will definitely notice the improvement.

They straight up admit that the stream wont be 1080p, which is what everyone wants (and should rightly expect). Instead it will likely be a 720p stream with a much lower bitrate “upscaled” to a faux-1080p resolution in order to save on bandwidth costs.

Still; even that would be a notable, albeit extremely behind the times, update for the ailing government broadcaster.

Source: ABC iview to upscale to HD