Hello. We are Reckoner.

Hello. We are Reckoner.

So this is our new site. It’s called Reckoner.

Some of our contributors might look familiar, but this site is not about Macs and it’s not about Apple. We’re changing it up.

Here’s how we see it: in our hearts, we are all fans of new technology. We get over-excited, we speculate, we grope around at these new ideas and concepts. We love writing about how technology affects us, and affects the world all around us. We wanted to look broader than ever before and deep-dive into some of the ways all this crazy new tech is affecting our culture.

Our music habits. Our movies, and TV. Our inability to leave our phones alone. Our theories about Snapchat. Our dumb new diet that we half-read an article on Reddit about. Our families. Our lives.

So, twice a week we’ll be writing about the modern condition in Australia. We’ve got a few great writers that I know you’ll love. We are also tentatively podcasting.

We’ll also be putting out links to great things on the web, because we’re nerds, and y’know; that’s what we do.

Hope to see you back here soon.

– James

Reckoner had its humble beginnings way back in June of 2013.

Founded by James Croft, along with Peter Wells and Anthony Agius they created what would go on to become one of Australia’s most highly regarded and award winning independent tech blogs.

With its uniquely Australian voice Reckoner is committed to offering a “no-holds-barred” approach to its writing. Beholden to no one but its audience. Reckoner’s goal is to remain completely transparent and honour the trust it’s built with its faithful readership.

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