TWTW: May 6th – May 12th, 2018

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In the week that was May 6th to May 12th, 2018:


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But for right now, lets get back to it and take a look at the tech news in the week that was:

May 6th to May 12th, 2018.


Microsoft’s kicked the week off with its three day Build conference starting on Monday. With a keynote spread over two days the company took the opportunity to announce a range of new initiatives including a new partnership with drone manufacturer DJI.

Another of the stand out announcements was a new application called Your Phone that’s about to be released in beta form for testing. The new application is designed to provide access to your phone be it an iPhone or Android based with the company now shifting focus in the wake of its own Windows Phone division being shelved.

Two days later and Google held their Google I/O “festival” as they like to call it. There were a number of announcements to come out of the event but none more headline grabbing than the new Google Duplex voice service.

For those who’ve not seen it Google Duplex was demoed phoning a hair salon and making an appointment for its requesting owner doing so with a virtually perfect sounding female voice and with the hair salon worker non the wiser she was communicating with a machine.

Other highlights to come out of the show include betas for the new Android P operating system, updates to Google Lens and AR directions coming to Google Maps.

Facebook announced that Messenger VP David Marcus will be heading up a new division devoted to blockchain within the company.

Speculation has brewed since then however in a series of leaks its believed that a team of twelve will be developing a Facebook cryptocurrency to be used within the platform’s vast ecosystem.

When asked for comment on the subject the company responded with: “Facebook is exploring ways to leverage the power of blockchain technology” and that “We don’t have anything further to share.”

Nintendo announced details of its upcoming Nintendo Switch Online service due to launch in September this year. The US$29.95/year service includes the ability to cloud-save your games and will provide access to a back catalogue of 20 games that will now have the added ability to play cooperatively or competitively online.

The announcement was met with some controversy however with many questioning the fact that they’d now need to pay to continue playing modern day games such as Splatoon 2 online come the service’s launch.

And finally the AFL announced that it would be partnering with Riot Games in hosting a major gaming tournament in Melbourne this November.

Called “League of Origin” the tournament will see teams from each Australian state compete against one another in the hugely popular title League of Legends.

No details on exact dates, prize pool or venue however the AFL has made it very clear that esports is something its going to continue pursuing and is very keen to build a custom venue for future events.


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