TWTW: June 24th – June 30th, 2018

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In the week that was June 24th to June 30th, 2018:


We’re back baby! Raj Deut here, back on deck and ready to take a look back at the tech news in the week that was:

June 24th to June 30th, 2018.


It’s an Apple kind of week this time around, the company kicking things off by announcing a replacement program is finally being put into place to address issues with its butterfly laptop keyboards.

Users with MacBooks from as far back as 2015 or MacBook Pros from 2016 onwards may be eligible for a keyboard replacement and should consult with a local Apple store for more details.

Next up Apple released public betas of it’s operating systems for computers, phones and the Apple TV on Wednesday.

The new versions were all announced and demoed at Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference in late May and are now available for anyone to download and install.

Install the betas at your own peril however, far from a finished product they aren’t without their quirks. GPS functionality for one not working for all users having installed iOS 12.

And lastly for Apple… I promise… they’ve finally settled their long running legal action against Samsung for copying their design and functionality of the iPhone.

The case has been running since 2011 and now after 7 years has been settled with both sides decided to drop remaining allegations with basically no outcome at all.

In other frivolous lawsuit news, PUBG has dropped their case against Fortnite creators Epic Games this week.

The case alleged Epic had copied the format and style of PUBG and was a way of cashing in on Fortnite’s ludicrous success.

Thankfully it didn’t take 7 years for this one to be dropped with the case seen by many experts as dead in the water the moment it was filed.

Facebook & Twitter have launched their new ad transparency features this week.

Twitter has a new “Ads Transparancy Center” where you can view ads displayed for any Twitter handle over the past 7 days along with details of whom created it.

Facebook has a new “Info and Ads” button on Facebook pages that when clicked will show all ads shown since its creation and more details.

Not to be left out Google made headlines late in the week with rumours resurfacing that the company is planning to enter the gaming console market.

Said to be meeting with developers at both GDC and more recently E3, Google’s move to enter the market place is said to be a similar approach to Sony’s & Microsoft’s with a console able to download and stream games to it.

And finally in Australian news, HealthEngine, our largest online doctor’s booking service has been caught out selling people’s appointment details to renowned injury lawyers Slater & Gordon.

The company is absolving itself of any wrong doing saying that their terms and conditions state clearly that any entered data can be sold to a third party, which you must agree to when using the service.


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