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Tune in for this very special episode of the Reckoner podcast with [email protected] director and all round nice guy, Chris Charla.

Recorded live at PAX Australia, Chris sits down with Raj for a frank discussion about all things [email protected] and important the program is to Microsoft & Xbox in the lead up to its 1000th release!

Join James Croft, Anthony Agius and Raj Deut as we discuss E3 from the long-long ago, busted keyboards on MacBooks, Samsung sexting your whole crew, HealthEngine sending your deets to the ambulance chasers, and Amazon Prime: Australian Special Edition.

Player Unknown’s Battleground has established itself as one of the most popular gaming titles of the year. So popular in fact it briefly surpassed LoL as the most streamed title on Twitch.

With that in mind it’s no surprise its impending console release, announced at Microsoft’s E3 briefing, was nothing short of a major deal. In fact you could argue that it was potentially the biggest announcement Microsoft had at the event (and that’s including their Luke-warm received console reveal). Continue reading

Join Jeff Cannata and I as we discuss Microsoft’s Xbox media briefing for 2016.

Microsoft didn’t mess about opening the show with the new (and leaked) Xbox One S that will hit stores later this year. They ended the show in a similar way giving us a bunch of vague details about the upcoming “Project Scorpio” hardware that’s coming Christmas 2018 and supposedly supporting native 4K.

In between those two announcement were a slew of game trailers including Forza Horizon 3 which takes place in a wonderful little land called Australia.

Other showings included Recore, Scalebound, State of Decay 2, Dead Rising 4, Sea of Thieves and a rather abysmal demonstration of Final Fantasy 15. Of course Xbox exclusives were covered in detail, this year it came courtesy of Gears of War 4, which whilst looking impressive appears so slow after so many fast paced shooters saturating the market in recent times.

Microsoft also announced some new community updates to Xbox Live, Clubs, Looking For Group & Arena. Clubs allows the creation of online communities, think Facebook Groups for Xbox. Looking for group is something we’re all familiar with, especially those playing the likes of Destiny or The Division. Arena continues the theme of competition for everyone that is apparently a thing we all want? EA has signed on to bring FIFA to Xbox’s Arena next year I assume in conjunction with EA’s own tournament system they announced yesterday.