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Join James Croft and Raj Deut as we discuss iOS 11.4, Sonos, Airplay 2, and then seamlessly segue into WWDC speculation. We also get Raj to sign up for Beem It, and talk Pokemon and Dad Kratos.

iOS 11.4 is out just before WWDC 

The Sonos One is the cheapest AirPlay 2 speaker you can buy 

Beem It app 

1Password 7 is out for Mac and Windows too 

New Pokemon Games Ahoy

God of War Review 

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A couple of months ago, I got it in my head that I’d find an old record player for my apartment. Pull out a small handful of records I’d acquired over the years, and get them cranking. Start a bit of a vinyl collection of the albums I really loved.

Of course, I didn’t want to give up the streaming services; I wanted the 2 modes of music to live together in harmony. Digital and physical.

Therein lies the dilemma. How do you get these two to play along together nicely?

Well chief, you gotta go Sonos.

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It’s kinda like Sonos meets Siri?


Hmm. On the one hand I think this would be useful in quite a few situations. On the other hand, it’s Amazon, always listening to you… which feels…icky.

I don’t think I’ve worked out where my ‘creepy threshold’ sits for passive listening devices yet.


Sonos Blog:

The new Sonos app is now available for iOS and Android devices*. First introduced in March, it applies over a decade of learning and was designed to help drive your music listening experience at home for the years to come. It brings a refreshed interface that makes it easier to make the most of a breadth of features – both new and some you may not have tried yet.

I’ve been holding off from publishing my Sonos Play:1 review until this app launched on iOS. It looks like a huge step forward, for both interface design and supported music services. Can’t wait to give it a go.