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Lauri Malkavaara, a journalist for Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat sent a letter to Nokia in 2008 about her awful-to-use E51. An excerpt:

I send a text message, which is something that I do dozens of times every day. First, I press messages, then I select create message, and then I need to choose from among four options: text message, multimedia message, audio message, or e-mail. So each time, dozens of times a day in the years that follow, I am bothered by this extra message, and each time I give the same answer.

Nokia then got in touch with her to defend their phone, and then things really get interesting. Make sure you stick around for the ending where a Nokia executive shows his 4-year-old daughter an iPhone.

The project provides a group of young people from Cherbourg, a former Aboriginal mission town, with the skills and the technology, to create their own mobile user generated stories.

Using the iPhone 5, a few accessories and a training program, this project was run to teach the skills of mobile journalism to indigenous students in remote communities. It blows my mind that now with a smartphone and a 3G connection, students can shoot, edit and publish great looking stories all from the one device. That’s so cool.

Some great work being done by the Cherbourg Mojo team in Queensland. If you want to see what kinds of stories came out of it, go check out their YouTube channel.