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You can get a really decent phone for a couple hundred dollars these days. The Huawei Y9 Prime has a motorized front facing camera, notch-free screen, 4000mAh battery, triple-cameras including an ultrawide lens, a headphone jack and an octa-core processor inside – you could be led to believe you’re getting a zero-compromise phone for a fraction of the price of a flagship. While the Y9 Prime is a perfectly fine device on its own merits, its feature list belies a collection of weird choices and compromises that were made to hit this mid-tier price. Continue reading

Telstra Bro

Telstra has announced today they will be pulling the plug on their 3G network in just over four years time. Just as we said goodbye to 2G back in December of 2016, 3G will go the way of the dodo in June of 2024.

Between now and then Telstra have committed to expand the coverage of their 4G network as well as build out their burgeoning 5G beyond select CBDs.

I wish all those making use of EFTPOS machines and cellular IoT devices the best of luck in dealing with the impending 3G apocalypse.