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Most people don’t think twice about the mouse they use every day. Whether it came in the box with their computer or it was supplied by their IT department the humble mouse isn’t given a lot of love. When you think about it that’s kind of crazy, as our primary means of interaction the mouse certainly deserves a lot more attention. Just like the headphones that come in the box with your shiny new iPhone, what’s put in front of you often isn’t the best and in the case of the mouse, I’m telling you right now, unless it’s a Logitech MX Master, it’s definitely not.

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The Nest Protect Smoke Alarm

A new product from Tony Fadell and the people at Nest; a smart smoke detector.

We all know why smoke alarms are torn off the ceiling or missing batteries: because every time you make stir-fry, the smoke alarm cries wolf. Or just as you’re falling asleep, you hear a low-battery chirp. They’ve become annoying. And that’s a safety issue.

…So we made something new. Meet the Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) alarm.

A couple of thoughts about this.

  • I’m glad someone is re-examining household objects like this and making them better. I’m doubly-glad it’s Tony Fadell, the man behind the original iPod.
  • I also like the idea that a the Nest Protect is also a downlight, activated by motion. That’s really cool. Man, I love it when smart people find unobtrusive ways to make objects in your home do more.
  • $129 per detector is a hell of a lot of money. As long as you rent you will never, ever have one of these.
  • It’s going to be a few years before this pops up in Australia, because they’re not even done with certification in the US yet.

I also found this video on the The Verge very interesting. Watch for the product demos, but stay for the Tony Fadell interview: