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When Epson’s PR asked if I want to review a printer, my natural instinct was to refuse. I mean, printers, geez, who cares right? But I indulged the PR person and took a look at the actual printer in question – the Epson ET-M1120/ET-M1100 – and saw that it’s an inkjet that only prints in monochrome, doesn’t have any extras like copying or scanning and claims to be cheaper to run than a laser. A few days later an EcoTank ET-M1120 arrived and here we are now, reviewing a printer. Continue reading

In an ideal world, this post wouldn’t exist. It wouldn’t exist because I wouldn’t have a printer. All my communications with people and businesses would take place online, not requiring me to print out forms or notes, or to scan in receipts and forms I send off. But we live in a world of people who don’t think like this and because of that, I own a HP printer that has apps. Continue reading