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The Nikkei writes that Nintendo wants to use smartphones to expand its potential user base by spreading information about new game releases, i.e. by using video to introduce future titles. (This will probably happen through some kind of official Nintendo app.)

In addition, Nintendo is said to be planning to put so-called “mini games” on smartphones, playable demos of console games – content that can only be purchased in full on Nintendo hardware. The reasoning here is to give smartphone-only players a taste of the experience without making the actual game available on non-Nintendo devices and convert these users into Nintendo customers.

So close, yet so far.

James O’Connor at AusGamers:

A Link Between Worlds is a sequel to ‘Past, but it’s not going to inspire the same fervour that game did. This is, however, by design rather than an issue of quality – it’s a much punchier game, forsaking Zelda’s usual languid pace in favour of a campaign that feels like it should be sped through. It’s a 12 to 15 hour Zelda game, set across a relatively small map, totally at odds with the capacious epics the series is most beloved for… but it’s also absolutely brilliant.

Much like Pete on last week’s podcast, I am now also perusing Gumtree for a cheap 3DS. Damn you Nintendo! Damn you O’Connor!

John Gruber on Nintendo:

…if Nintendo’s hardware platforms are doomed, I think they’re doomed no matter what. Nintendo producing iOS games isn’t going to accelerate the demise of DS handhelds. Better to get a foothold in the new world as soon as possible, to do it before it’s too late.

A good piece by John exploring the comparisons of Nintendo to other companies. Particularly striking to me was the analogy of Apple creating iTunes for Windows; even Apple—the kings of lock-in—recognised a situation where they had to go to users, rather than users come to them.

I threw out a similar idea last week, after the furore of the 2DS release and Federico Viticci’s piece on how Apple pundits misunderstand Nintendo. I don’t think Nintendo experimenting with development of new games, and new properties—built from the ground up for touch, or iOS—will hurt their current efforts.

They don’t have to make a Mario game straight away, but I think they’d be wise to take some of their lower-tier franchises and run the experiment. That’s why I think something like WarioWare or Advance Wars would be perfect. How many hidden Nintendo fans (like me) would a game like that uncover? How many copies would they sell even if the price was high for a mobile game, like $15 or $20?

My bet is a lot.


Michael McWhertor for Polygon:

Nintendo is releasing a new version of its Nintendo 3DS hardware that’s playable only in 2D. It’s called the Nintendo 2DS and will be available in North America on Oct. 12 for $129.99.

A very odd piece of hardware compared to the 3DS; a non-clamshell monoblock with reportedly a single screen divided by plastic casing. The 3D capabilities of the 3DS have been dropped too. It’s able to play DS or 3DS games.

I’m sure they’ll sell boatloads of them, but it is decidedly strange.

Also, the current Nintendo branding around the DS and Wii properties is almost impressively confusing at this point. Chris Plante from Polygon explains:

This is as layman an explanation as you’ll find for Nintendo’s current hardware.

DS games run on the DS, 3DS and 2DS; 3DS games run on the 3DS and the 2DS, but not the DS; and there are no 2DS games.

Wii U runs Wii and Wii U games, but to play Wii games you’ll need to run the Wii on the Wii U. Wii doesn’t run Wii U games. The GamePad is portable, but it’s not mobile, and it’s like a DS, but it doesn’t play DS games.

What a mess.