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Shane Smith at VICE:

We couldn’t be more excited to launch this site, and hope that you will help us make VICE News as good as we can possibly make it. We are in this together, and as they say in French, “L’Union Fait la Force,” or “Unity Makes Strength.” So let’s go out there together and change the world.

Now is our time. Let’s take it.

Say what you want about VICE (Brooklyn hipsters, blah blah blah), but I really think they’re doing something special. Their Ukraine/Russia coverage is absolutely stunning, and running rings around any other news organisation at the moment.

Here’s my little prediction: I expect VICE to change international news & current events reporting in the same way that The Verge changed tech coverage.

Ben Grubb at ITPro:

So fed up with what he calls the “woeful” mainstream media coverage of his preferred national broadband network (NBN) technology, Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has taken it upon himself to interview telecommunications industry executives on camera with a microphone in hand.