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Presto is a new way for Australians to watch great movies. For one low monthly fee, we offer both live and instant access to a regularly updated library of great films.

No contracts, twenty bucks a month, and you get what seems to be a pretty decent selection of movies. If you don’t want to sign up for the plan, you can also rent movies from Presto as a one-off purchase for six bucks each.

Right now it works on Windows, Mac or iPad (no Android yet), and you can register a max of 3 devices to one account. The two big drawbacks for me? There’s no AirPlay and no TV shows.

I’d be interested to do a library comparison between this and Quickflix, because Quickflix is only ten bucks a month. Anecdotally though, I’ve heard Quickflix has a smaller library of titles.

So overall, not bad if you want a local movie streaming option, but it is more expensive than Netflix, and comes with less content too.

According to Nic Healey of CNET, Quickflix is coming to the PS4 next week.

I cancelled my Quickflix account back when the service was DVDs-via-the-Post, but it might be worth another look. $14.99 a month for the streaming service is pretty decent. Their library is looking quite healthy these days, with a bunch of HBO programs, and the odd movie worth watching.


A new study indicates these films have only become more and more violent since the PG-13 rating was first introduced in the ’80s — to the extent that PG-13 films actually have more gun violence these days than R-rated movies do. Hit the jump for more findings from the researchers.

The amount of innocent lives lost in the final battle of Man of Steel would be in the high thousands. The streets of Metropolis should’ve been covered in blood.