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Microsoft Surface Pro X with keyboard cover

Never a dull moment in the tech world. It seems the American Fall is brining a non-stop slew of hardware & gaming announcements from everyone at the moment and today was Microsoft’s turn to shine. The company unveiled three new versions of their popular Surface lineup, two of which were largely incremental whilst the third was a whole new look and a direct shot at Apple’s iPad Pro business in more ways than one, but really that was merely the setup for the big surprise at the end. Continue reading

Ken Shirriff:

Apple sells their iPad charger for $19, while you can buy an iPad charger on eBay for about $3. From the outside, the chargers look the same. Is there a difference besides the price? In this article, I look inside real and counterfeit chargers and find that the genuine charger has much better construction, power quality, and most importantly safety. The counterfeit turns out to be a 5 watt charger in disguise, half the power of a genuine charger.

You may have read Ken’s teardown and analysis of iPhone chargers a few years ago – now he’s looking at an iPad charger. Fascinating if you like to get into detail about this stuff.

The SSD Review:

One of the smallest we have encountered yet is the DOM (disk-on-module) form factor.  A SATA-DOM is a DOM with a standard SATA data connection incorporated, such as the DIY series of SATA-DOM SSDs from Mach Xtreme Technology, with a footprint barely the length and width of a postage stamp.


Damn that’s a small SSD. It’s not the speediest SSD (advertised speed is 220MB/sec read, writes at 40MB/sec), but if you want something tiny for a wacky project you’ve got in mind, maybe this is useful.