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Join Peter Wells, James Croft and Anthony Agius as we discuss Twitter, dummies making dumb stuff that is dumb, Evernote and why they can’t do good no more, Adblock, Adblock Plus, AdBlock and uBlock (and uBlock Origin), and new Google products!

By the time you have finished reading these show notes, Nathan Drake will have run away from yet another destroyed ancient temple in the Himalayas or something.

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What is the Google Impact Challenge in Australia? It’s an opportunity for registered Australian charities with Deductible Gift Recipient DGR status to apply for a $500,000 grant by sharing their vision for how they will use technology to change the world.

Great initiative by Google. I applied for the Vodafone Foundation’s World of Difference campaign last year, and this is a similar idea with a more technological slant.

If you work with a registered charity, I think it’s well worth your time to check this out. You’ve got just under three weeks to get an application in.