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“Hello and welcome back to the Aperture Science computer-aided enrichment center.”

We welcome all lucky applicants to Bridge Constructor Portal with our new vehicle-based test chambers, Quantum Tunnels and patented Aperture technology!

This isn’t the Portal game you’re looking for…

Scrolling through the YouTube comments of the announcement trailer people certainly aren’t holding back the fact this game is a “available on everything” mini bridge-building game and not a fully fledged Portal experience.

Many are missing the fact the game is coming from Headup Games and not Valve but I’m sure they had to have expected this type of reaction.

Regardless the game could be fun? It’s out December 20th on Mac, PC & iOS with console versions (yes Switch too) in the new year. No word on pricing but I’d expect it to be pretty low.

What are your thoughts? Exciting prospect or total money grab?

THE general manager of Big Bash League side Sydney Sixers has been poached to head up a new esports league.

Dominic Remond has been appointed the chief executive of Gfinity Australia, who are set to kick off the Elite Series, an esports competition with city-based professional franchises.

Dude’s had an interesting career path that’s for sure. From Sony Pictures to Big Bash Cricket and now esports CEO.

The new league kicks off in January launching its “Challenger Series” which invites amateurs to compete for a spot to play against state based pros in its “Elite Series”.

It should be noted that the Gfinity competition is NOT the same one that the Adelaide Crows recently bought into. The Crows instead buying the Sydney based Legacy team competing in League of Legends based Oceanic Pro League (OPL).

Source: Sydney Sixers general manager Dominic Remond appointed CEO of Gfinity Australia esports | Fox Sports

Sea of thieves

If you want to get involved with the development of Sea of Thieves, look no further!

By signing up to the Insider Programme, you’ll be getting an inside look at the development of Sea of Thieves. You’ll also have a chance to shape our shared-world pirate adventure by providing feedback through surveys, and  you’ll be considered for exclusive access to early versions of the game.

Sea of Thieves is an “interesting” game. It’s definitely worth a look and can be a lot of fun, but it’s extremely prone to the internet’s idiot factor when trying to work collectively to perform a task. With that said there’s new mechanics that allow you to do things like send a member of your party to the brig if they’re acting like a dickhead.

The current technical Alpha is available to join and play up until December 1, which means you can get a full week of swash buckling adventure in!

Even if you can’t play this week I’d still join if you’re interested. As an “Insider” you’ll be able to join any following tests.

Source: Sea of Thieves – Insider Program

…as we approach the worldwide launch, it’s clear that many of you feel there are still challenges in the design. We’ve heard the concerns about potentially giving players unfair advantages. And we’ve heard that this is overshadowing an otherwise great game. This was never our intention. Sorry we didn’t get this right.

We hear you loud and clear, so we’re turning off all in-game purchases.

The power of the people!

A huge win for gamers and fans of the franchise as EA, the most hated company in America, does a complete backflip after consumer outrage over in-game purchases.

The next goal… reviving the deeply lamented Amy Hennig helmed, Visceral developed single player Star Wars title.

Source: An Update on Star Wars Battlefront II

HTC has finally unveiled its upcoming standalone VR headset at today’s Vive Developer Conference in Beijing. Dubbed the Vive Focus, this all-in-one device features inside-out 6-degree-of-freedom (6DoF) “world-scale” tracking, meaning it doesn’t require external base stations nor sensors, so you can get positional tracking anywhere at any time…

Everyone has one now. Oculus, Microsoft’s OEM partnered “Mixed Reality” (MR) sets and now HTC/Valve.

The Valve Focus is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 and will have an AMOLED screen along with Valve’s Deluxe Audio Strap. Pricing and availability were not announced but to compete with Oculus’ “Go” headset of the same ilk expect it to arrive in the first half of the new year.

Source: HTC Vive Focus is a standalone VR headset with ‘world-scale’ tracking

We may not have received one for review but when has that ever stopped anyone from giving their opinion?!

The Xbox One X may very well be “the most powerful console ever” but that really doesn’t mean much when there’s nothing to play on it, which largely seems to be Xbox’s issue with their new console.

Yes there are a handful of new release and older “Xbox One X Enhanced” titles to enjoy but the majority are listed as “Coming Soon” or “In Development”.

The only Xbox’s exclusive title that is ready to take advantage of the full power of the One X is Forza 7, released just a month ago. Their others, State of Decay 2, Sea of Thieves and Crackdown 3 are all set to debut in 2018 missing their launch window and the all important holiday season.

So who is the Xbox One X for? And why would anyone buy one now?

For starters if you don’t own a 4K TV (or you’re not looking for an excuse to invest in one) then you can stop right here. The Xbox One X’s biggest selling point is its crazy hardware that easily eclipses Sony’s PS4 Pro to push their version of “true 4K gaming”. I say their version because developers will use a variety of techniques to scale up and down the resolution of the image meaning that it will sometimes be 4K but then others most definitely not. The reason for this being in order to maintain a locked rate of 60 FPS in a game the console may need to scale back the displayed resolution. This is to be expected, as mind blowing its hardware specs are with it’s six-teraflop AMD Radeon GPU, it’s not going to compare to a PC running a GeForce 1080Ti at 4K nor is it designed to.

The Xbox One X is also includes a 4K Blu-ray player, just like the Xbox One S did before it. This is a really nice addition and could be another reason for people to invest. Similar to the original PS3 being the cheapest way of getting a Blu-ray player, the Xbox One X does similar and allows you to play games in true 4K. The console also supports Dolby Atmos and HDR 10 but sadly no Dolby Vision.

Beyond it’s hardware the Xbox One X is the same as your regular Xbox. It’s awful, awful UI and options are basically the same as it’s other iterations as are it’s connectivity and accessory options too. With a severe lack of exclusives to push the new hardware the console will appeal to those heavily invested in the Xbox ecosystem with the display hardware to support it but, I feel, do very little to entice others to switch.

It’s price point wont help it either. At A$649 the One X isn’t the cheapest console on the market, in fact it’s the most expensive, a good $100 more than it’s main rival. It’s not priced ridiculously by any means, it’s just not competitive. Regardless of it’s better spec’d hardware and the inclusion of a 4K Blu-ray player people unaware of its internals will compare apples with oranges based on their price tag.


Today the company is launching the Razer Phone with a couple of industry firsts, which is impressive considering the competition in the smartphone space.

Those industry firsts…

A specially designed thermal system to allow it’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC to run without being throttled for a much longer period than the typical Android phone, which slows the CPU down after about 5 minutes.

The other, a 120Hz 1440p 5.7″ LCD screen. Similar to Apple’s “Pro Motion” display on the new iPad Pros the high frequency display allows for the smoother display for high frame rate applications.

The phone also has 8GB of RAM, 64GB of internal storage and a microSD slot, although it’s shipping with the older Android 7 with the company promising a move to 8 in the near future.

Is it a phone for gamers? Perhaps, if you play a lot of Android games on your phone? Really it’s just another Android phone with some nice perks at the fairly reasonable price of US$699.

You can pre-order the phone now with shipments beginning November 17th.

Source: Razer Enters The Smartphone Arena With The Razer Phone

Beginning December 12, Xbox fans will be able to play PUBG while it’s still in early access through the Xbox Game Preview program.

Xbox’s Game Preview program has been largely dormant since its announcement at E3 in 2015. Back then another runaway PC hit was taking over the world in DayZ. It’s creator Dean Hall was trotted out on the Xbox stage to launch the program and promote his upcoming title Ion.

Today we see the world’s most streamed title PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds take advantage of the service to allow it’s unfinished product hit the Xbox platform.

In addition to the Xbox announcement PlayerUnknown himself, Brendan Greene announced that the game would finally hit version 1.0 on PC in the same month.

“This has been an amazing year for us and launching both 1.0 on PC and on Xbox through Xbox Game Preview are huge milestones for the team.”

Greene also confirmed that development for the title would somewhat splinter, the experience on PC and Xbox being different as they tweak the independent versions beyond their December releases.

“We’re approaching development on Xbox One with the same community-driven focus that we’ve taken with the game on PC. As a result, the ultimate battle royale experience that fans play on Xbox One will be slightly different than what players know today on PC.”

Source: PUBG Coming to Xbox One on December 12, 2017 – Xbox Wire


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Announced on Bajo’s social media accounts the overwhelming loved presenter will be leaving the ailing show this December to focus on a newly found streaming career.

Good Game has been largely scaled back by the ABC since two of the show’s presenters left earlier in the year. Currently airing only it’s children version Good Game Spawn Point the show will continue with presenters “Rad”(Angharad Yeo) and “Goose” (Gus Ronald).

PAX Australia may have just finished by Paris Games Week seems to be what PlayStation has waited for to wow us all with a slew of new trailers and announcements.

Not only do we get new trailers for the hotly anticipated Last of Us Part II, we also see new ones for God of War & Marvel’s Spider-Man, and that’s just the beginning.

The big mic drop of the opening showcase, the trailer for a new Samurai based open world title from Sucker Punch entitled Ghost of Tsushima. It’s trailer looks incredible, and despite it being a long way away, is on everyone’s lips.

Other announcements include the first expansion for Destiny 2, Curse of Osiris as well as new PSVR title Blood and Truth.

Check out the biggest trailers below or jump over to PlayStation’s blog for even more!

Source: Paris Games Week | PlayStation