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The FFA dipped its toe into the rapidly growing world of competitive video gaming, E-Sports, with the launch of its E-League on Thursday night. It attracted an audience reach 16 per cent higher than the average A-League match, raising questions over the direction of sports broadcasting.

While the figures and interest in esports don’t particularly surprise me there are a couple of things they sort of fail to mention…

For a start, to watch A-League games in Australia you need a Pay-TV subscription with access to Fox Sports. There’s also one game a week shown on free-to-air TV that SBS hosts but with Pay-TV numbers in the toilet they’re never going to get astronomical numbers.

The “E-League” was streamed on Twitch, where it pulled in (at one point) 138,000 simultaneous viewers.  it was also broadcast on Fox Sports but they don’t have those figures yet and are basing the 16% increase on the streaming alone.

Does this mean the A-League is dead? No, of course not. Is it a surprise? Not really.

Less than 20% of Australian households have Foxtel, a smaller subset of those have a sports package to watch the A-League. More than 80% have the Internet, and Twitch streams globally, for free, where people watch random crap all the time.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited to see esports doing so well and this was an interesting event to watch. I just think the article is a bit of fluff to get more eyeballs.

Source: FFA’s E-League proves a bigger hit than A-League games

Hoyts and Gfinity will work together to build a chain of broadcast-ready esports arenas within existing Hoyts theatre locations. The idea is that, with these state of the art locations already installed and ready to go, they will be well placed to pull global touring esports events looking for a base in the Oceanic region.

The first location ear-marked is Moore Park in Sydney beginning in the 2nd quarter of 2018 for the inaugural Gfinity Elite Series.

The first of these events spans seven weeks and includes competitions for Counter Srike: GO, Street Fighter V and Rocket League.

Source: Gfinity Esports and Hoyts are building a chain of esports arenas here in Aus | The Iris

We are excited to announce that Red Dead Redemption 2 will be released on October 26th 2018. We apologize to everyone disappointed by this delay. While we had hoped to have the game out sooner, we require a little extra time for polish.

It’s ok Rockstar, you take as long as you need to get this baby just perfect. Although; if you have a look through the screenshot gallery below I’m not sure how much more “polish” they can add?!

God damn this game looks good. Gimmie, gimmie.

Source: Red Dead Redemption 2 is Coming October 26th 2018 – Rockstar Games

Today, we’re excited to announce plans for a major expansion to Xbox Game Pass that underscores our commitment to deliver our fans the ultimate gaming subscription service.

Moving forward, we plan to release all new Xbox One exclusive games from Microsoft Studios into Xbox Game Pass on the same date as their global release. This means that when Sea of Thieves launches on March 20, it will be included in Xbox Game Pass to all members.

Xbox Game Pass is A$10.95 a month. That’s A$131.40 per year or one collectors edition of a single triple-A title. Maybe 2 triple-A’s if you get them on special at Big-W, but definitely not if you’re buying things digital at full RRP these days.

So when you add day one, triple A releases to an already attractive package at what I think is a fairly reasonable price for the available catalogue,  that’s makes Xbox Game Pass a really, really, really attractive package!

Source: Xbox Game Pass Expands to Include New Releases from Microsoft Studios – Xbox Wire

People of PlayStation the world over, God of War is launching April 20, 2018.

Get excited people! Probably my most anticipated title of 2018, the new God of War is a combination of old and new.

This latest version has you playing as “Pappa” Kratos who battles in the lands of the Norse whilst protecting and helping his son in the shadow of the gods.

Source: God of War Out April 20 on PS4 – PlayStation.Blog

Imagine being able to turn a simple piece of cardboard into almost anything: a motorbike, a fishing rod, a piano or whatever you can imagine!

By assembling sheets of cardboard into a variety of shapes called Toy-Con, and combining them with Nintendo Switch, you can bring them to life!

This is some bizarro Nintendo shit. It’s beautiful and magic and I love it! Despite the hot takes spreading like wild fire across the internet by “hardcore” gamers and Nintendo fans alike I have little doubt in my mind that these kits are going to sell like hot cakes and kids are going to eat them up.

Available April 20th Labo will be available in two versions. The first is called “The Variety Kit” will retail for A$99.95 and includes cardboard templates for a myriad of creations including a RC car, fishing rod, house, motorbike and piano.

The second version is slightly more expensive at A$119.95 and is a single constructible called the “Toy Con Robot”. The robot is in fact a backpack and goggles that the player wears whilst playing titles that appear to emulate being a giant robot.

Nintendo are also selling a Nintendo Labo sticker pack for A$14.95 however, as you can see in the trailer, it’s encouraged to colour and decorate your Labo creations as you please and by no means are reliant on the sticker pack.

Source: Nintendo Labo

Following a strong holiday season, Nintendo Switch owners will see a variety of new games and content arriving in the next few months, including DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Mario Tennis Aces and Kirby Star Allies for Nintendo Switch…

DARK SOULS, the first title in the genre-defining action role-playing franchise, is coming to Nintendo Switch as DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED, including the Artorias of the Abyss DLC as well as improved framerate and resolution…

I really, really need to turn my Switch on and use it more. It’s the perfect on-the-go solution to me playing through 5+ year old games that I didn’t have the time (or patience) for.

I know that probably sounds like I’m throwing a little shade Nintendo’s way but I’m genuinely excited for the Dark Souls remaster. I just need to finish Zelda first…

Dark Souls: Remastered is also heading to PS4, XB1 & PC. On the newer versions of the consoles (XB1 X & PS4 Pro) the games will be running in upscaled 4K @ 60fps. The Switch version will be running at 30fps and at 1080p whilst docked. It will be available May 25th, this year.

Source: Nintendo Direct Mini – Dark Souls, Donkey Kong, Mario Tennis | Nintendo Switch

Experience total wireless freedom with the Razer Mamba HyperFlux. Backed by the new Razer HyperFlux Wireless Power Technology, you get an ultra-lightweight, wireless gaming mouse that runs indefinitely* with wireless power from the included Razer Firefly HyperFlux mouse mat.

This is kinda genius is it not? Why hasn’t anyone done this before?

That was my initial thought when I read about the new Razer Mamba & Razer Firefly “HyperFlux” editions. Thinking about it a little longer I still think it’s an awesome idea but it’s not truly “wireless” is it? You have a cord going to the mousemat, but still, that’s a million times better than having your mouse die.

For people who don’t use a mousemat (who are you crazy person?!) then this wont suit of course.

I hope Logitech adopts this and incorporate it into their MX Master range, which I absolutely love, but for the first time am considering switching out for.

The Mamba & Firefly are currently available for order in the US only for US$249 with Australian stock and pricing expected shortly.

Source: Razer Mamba HyperFlux and Razer Firefly HyperFlux – Wireless Mouse & Mat

Vive Pro is a new HMD upgrade from Vive, built for VR enthusiasts and enterprise users who want the best display and audio for their VR experiences. Vive Pro includes dual-OLED displays for a crisp picture resolution of 2880 x 1600 combined, a 78% increase in resolution over the current Vive HMD.

Announced today at HTC Vive’s CES Day 0 presentation the new headset (despite having a very unusual purple/black colour scheme) is a major improvement to the system’s resolution, taking the Vive well beyond any other commercially available unit.

The new unit also has updated sound components as well as a new more adjustable fitting system to allow for longer, more comfortable gaming sessions.

Pricing and availability of the new headset are unknown but expected to arrive shortly at a similar price point to the Vive’s original RRP.

A new Wireless adaptor for both the new Vive Pro and existing Vive headsets was also announced. The new adaptor, scheduled for release in Q3, uses Intel’s WiGig technology operating in the interference free 60GHz spectrum. Designed specifically to enable lag-free and truly wireless VR the new system could be a game changer if the same high quality graphics can be delivered wirelessly, unlike demo systems of wireless solutions from Oculus already seen.

Source: HTC VIVE Raises The Bar For Premium VR With New VIVE PRO Upgrade And Wireless VIVE Adaptor – VIVE Blog

This is the day we’ve all been waiting for and working towards, and it’s finally here. Today we come out of Early Access and everyone can enjoy the PC 1.0 version of our game.

PUBG’s rise in popularity isn’t that unlike Bitcoin’s value. Adding over 10 million active players in the past 6 months the game has sold more “Early Access” copies than any other title before it.

The first official release for the PC is on Steam no for US$29.90 and as far as value for money goes I’ve spent more time playing PUBG than any other this year.

Despite it recently launching (as a complete hot mess) on Xbox One PUBG’s home is firmly in the PC world and definitely where I suggest you be playing it.

Current owners of the game will receive a free in-game “Winner, winner” t-shirt by logging into the game within the next 7 days.