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Hidden away behind one of the Alienware booth’s walls was a secret room barely big enough to hold a couple of chairs and a small desk. Seated inside of it was one very hoarse Chris Sutphen whom spent the PAX Aus weekend doing his best to talk above the showroom’s deafening roar. Global Marketing Director at Alienware Chris was kind enough to grant me entry into his showroom sanctuary for a quick chat about the company’s move into OLED as well as their recent brand redesign and what that means for them moving forward. Continue reading

In a land grab for some sort of relevance in 2019, former Australian Idol contestant Shannon “Nollsy” Noll announced at PAX Australia over the weekend that he would be captaining a new Esports squad.

Called the “Motley Squad” Nollsy plans on filling out the remaining slots of his team with “fellow celebs” according to the press release, meaning the likely return of other reality show contestants, former sports stars and radio hosts that tend to round out this level of the celebrity ranks.

The Motley Squad will then compete at Lenovo’s Legion of Champion Series IV competition, which is coming to Australia for the first time. Series IV will also see the introduction of PUBG and CS:GO to the comp, making it the largest yet.

Nollsy and his yet to be filled Motley Squad will be getting a helping hand from Twitch streamer FaZe Hazz, an ambassador for the Lenovo brand.

All-new powerful PC VR with 88% higher resolution. Simplified setup with inside-out tracking. Customization via forward-thinking mods.

Who knew HTC were still making VR headsets? Apparently the still tightly linked Valve partner has maintained their relationship after the release of the Valve Index and has a new model to add to their Vive range.

The Vive Cosmos adds six inside-out tracking cameras meaning you no longer need external sensors, which brings it inline with Oculus and ahead of the “industry leader” Index.

The Cosmos’ resolution builds on its predecessor by 88% with a combined coverage of 2880 x 1700 with a 110 degree FoV and a 90Hz refresh rate. It also comes with new controls that mimmic Oculus’ making it much more attractive competitor at that high-end consumer range.

One big advantage of the Cosmos maintains is the ability to use the Vive Wireless adaptor, effectively making the unit cordless whilst running off your PC.

Available to pre-order now the Vive Cosmos is A$1,299 and scheduled to ship this coming October.

Source: VIVE Cosmos – A new way of PC VR | VIVE™