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NAB has acknowledged issues with an update to its banking app for Android that chokes the user’s device CPU and drains its battery.

Not only were they taking money away from their home loan customers for years, now they’re sucking your battery dry too!

Users are reporting the app can drain up to 50% of their phone’s battery life within a matter of hours.

NAB’s solution for now appears to be uninstalling the app and requesting users use mobile web banking instead.

The issue appears to affect Samsung devices running Android 9 more than others, but has been confirmed to aggressively drain most Android devices in general.

Source: NAB Android app update overloads CPUs, drains batteries – Finance – Software – iTnews

Announced at 6pm on Friday, NAB have confirmed that the personal details of 13,000 customers have been uploaded, by human error, to not one, but TWO, 3rd party data services. It’s believed the breach has been contained at the data providers and no information has further leaked.

Re-iterated in a video from NAB’s Chief Data Officer, Glenda Crisp, the breach was not a cyber-security issue and resulted in someone mistakenly putting data where they shouldn’t.

The remainder of the video and statement is largely NAB saying they’ve looked into it, they assure you it wont happen again, yadda, yadda. We all know that’s a load of crap and the same join that sent 60,000 emails to a scamming domain squatter are likely to have this repeat.

Regardless, for those affected this time around, NAB have promised to contact each customer individually by either phone, email or mail.

Of course NAB are saying the 6pm Friday release of this information was in line with their internal timelines of dealing with the issue. It obviously wouldn’t have anything at all to do with the fact late Friday news is buried by sport and weekend guff now would it. Dogs.

Source: NAB apologises to customers for data breach | NAB News