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The Victoria Police officer in charge of ethical standards, Assistant Commissioner Brett Guerin, has been caught out trolling former officers using a fake name on Facebook.

You can’t even make this up! His defence, when coming clean on talkback radio (of all places) was that had he used his real name the Victorian Police would be automatically associated.

What did you think would happen when the people you were trolling (in a public group for ex police officers) found out who you were mate?

This from the bloke in charge of ethical standards for the Victorian Police force. Absolutely comical.

Source: A Police Officer Was Caught Trolling Former Colleagues Using A Fake Name On Facebook

The FFA dipped its toe into the rapidly growing world of competitive video gaming, E-Sports, with the launch of its E-League on Thursday night. It attracted an audience reach 16 per cent higher than the average A-League match, raising questions over the direction of sports broadcasting.

While the figures and interest in esports don’t particularly surprise me there are a couple of things they sort of fail to mention…

For a start, to watch A-League games in Australia you need a Pay-TV subscription with access to Fox Sports. There’s also one game a week shown on free-to-air TV that SBS hosts but with Pay-TV numbers in the toilet they’re never going to get astronomical numbers.

The “E-League” was streamed on Twitch, where it pulled in (at one point) 138,000 simultaneous viewers.  it was also broadcast on Fox Sports but they don’t have those figures yet and are basing the 16% increase on the streaming alone.

Does this mean the A-League is dead? No, of course not. Is it a surprise? Not really.

Less than 20% of Australian households have Foxtel, a smaller subset of those have a sports package to watch the A-League. More than 80% have the Internet, and Twitch streams globally, for free, where people watch random crap all the time.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited to see esports doing so well and this was an interesting event to watch. I just think the article is a bit of fluff to get more eyeballs.

Source: FFA’s E-League proves a bigger hit than A-League games

The Commonwealth Bank has announced an immediate ban on the use of CBA and Bankwest credit cards to buy cryptocurrency, though it will not ban other methods of fiat payment.

My guess is that has happened because a bunch of people bought into Bitcoin at it’s media frenzied peak and now can’t pay their credit card bill as it bottoms out.

Makes sense. The CBA is following the lead of UK’s Lloyds and pretty much every US bank so I’d expect others in Australia to do similar soon too.

Source: CBA blocks crypto coin buys on credit cards – Finance – Security – iTnews

Surgeons at the new Royal Adelaide Hospital were forced to stop operating on patients yesterday morning after a software glitch took out power to parts of the building for 20 minutes.

The AMA told media as many as 14 operations were underway at the time of the outage.

Holy crap! 14 surgeries underway that had to what, stop? And for 20 minutes?! Jebus-H-Christ!

I hope they’re all ok, that’s one place and time you do NOT want the power to go out.

Remind me to not have surgery in Rads!

Source: Software glitch takes out power in Adelaide hospital surgeries – Software – iTnews

Hoyts and Gfinity will work together to build a chain of broadcast-ready esports arenas within existing Hoyts theatre locations. The idea is that, with these state of the art locations already installed and ready to go, they will be well placed to pull global touring esports events looking for a base in the Oceanic region.

The first location ear-marked is Moore Park in Sydney beginning in the 2nd quarter of 2018 for the inaugural Gfinity Elite Series.

The first of these events spans seven weeks and includes competitions for Counter Srike: GO, Street Fighter V and Rocket League.

Source: Gfinity Esports and Hoyts are building a chain of esports arenas here in Aus | The Iris

Australia’s largest car-sharing service GoGet has revealed that its systems were compromised in June last year, with a man scabbing more than 30 free rides using the service.

GoGet informed the NSW police department about the breach as soon as it was aware however is coping criticism for waiting over six months to inform those affected.

The company was in fact asked by the NSW Cybercrime squad to keep the breach under wraps while their investigation continued allowing them to monitor the malicious activity.

It’s an interesting conundrum as it left their system vulnerable with an open hole they were not allowed to plug and the potential for others to access the system.

GoGet have advised that customer’s directly affected have now been individually informed and whilst no credit card information was obtained user’s address, drivers licence details, phone numbers & date of birth were all accessible.

Source: A Car-Sharing Service Says It Was Hacked By Someone Who Wanted Free Rides

If you order online through Amazon, there’s limited-time introductory pricing – $119 for the Echo, $49 for the Echo Dot, and $199 for the Echo Plus.Shipping early February if you order online, you can also pick up Amazon Echo devices from JB Hi-Fi, Officeworks, Telstra, and Myer…


This happened a lot quicker than I expected but I’m so glad it’s here! Great news for smart home aficionados!

Pre-orders are available on Amazon’s site now, shipping February 1st.

Source: Amazon Echo: Australian Price And Release Date (Finally!) | Gizmodo Australia

Apple today previewed its planned flagship project in Melbourne’s Federation Square, introducing a design concept that complements the original vision for the precinct, increases public space and provides a daily program of activity to inspire and educate the community.

After about a hundred false starts the CBD is finally getting an Apple store. The planned store will be over two levels and cover approximately 500m2.

Source: Apple reveals plans for Melbourne’s Federation Square – Apple (AU)

This is a big one! Thanks to PlayStation Australia we have a copy of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition and a bunch of epic PlayStation swag to go along with them.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is pretty much my “game of the year” & Horizon: Zero Dawn is one of the most interesting new IPs I’ve played in forever so what are you waiting for… ENTER!

Source: WIN: Uncharted The Lost Legacy + Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition + Epic Swag