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The leaks from the iOS 11 GM continue this weekend. Following information such as a new Portrait Lighting feature and the iPhone X naming scheme, developers have now uncovered additional details on Face ID, the Camera app, and more.

The rumour is the leak was a “deliberate malicious act by a rogue Apple employee” according to Apple pet, Gruber. God help whoever it was if they get caught, I dare say their employment wont continue (if they’re still employed at all).

Anywho, iOS 11 pretty much tells us everything we needed to know about Tuesday. iPhone 8, & 8 Plus are coming, the big new boy will be iPhone X though, which will have the OLED screen and no Home Button. “Face ID” will be in all of them but in iPhone X don’t expect Touch ID to be under the glass.

In terms of software “Portrait mode” is getting a lighting overhaul and then there’s “Animoji” which will use the Face ID tech to map your own expression onto 3D emoji models for you messaging.

There’s an LTE version of the Apple Watch coming in series 3 as well as a new version of AirPods too.

Lastly the Apple TV’s 4K upgrade is pretty much in concrete too, but that really wasn’t a secret before hand was it?

Source: iOS 11 + iPhone X tidbits: Face ID interface and setup, Camera app adjustments, more | 9to5Mac

Apple’s AirPods are currently limited to a trio of controls on both earpieces, but their functionality will be greatly enhanced this [spring] with the release of iOS 11, giving users the ability to give each wireless pod a separate, customizable function with a double tap.

Digging deeper into the settings, users will find that there are two new options for AirPod double-tap controls in iOS 11: “Next Track” and “Previous Track.” This joins the existing controls of “Siri,” “Play/Pause,” and “Off.”

One of my biggest gripes with the AirPods was their reliance on Siri to perform the most simple of functions. Thankfully Apple has been adding a lot of functionality into them via firmware and now OS updates, which is continuing to make them a very attractive option for people.

That said, the ability to skip tracks is really something that should’ve been in there day one. Wouldn’t you agree?

Source: Inside iOS 11: AirPods controls expand with separate left/right earpiece taps, skip track ability

AppleInsider has confirmed that the iPod nano and iPod shuffle have been discontinued. Retail stores will be directed to sell through existing stock, and will not see any more shipments of the products.

The iPod shuffle was introduced in January 2005, and last updated in September 2010. The iPod nano launched in September 2005, and got a minor update with new color options in 2015, but hasn’t seen any notable hardware updates since October 2012.

The move leaves only one “iPod” left on the market, the iPod touch. The touch is essentially a cut back iPhone with no cellular antenna.

Don’t expect the touch to last much longer either. Apple removed storage options and lowered pricing on them this week but with the continued advancement of streaming services and cheaper data (well other countries get cheaper data) hard storage devices are become a rare commodity indeed.


Source: Apple kills iPod nano, iPod shuffle lines after nearly 12 years of service

Seemingly out of nowhere, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has announced on his personal Twitter account that he will soon be starring in a movie created in partnership with Apple. Co-starring alongside The Rock is none other than Siri, Apple’s artificial intelligent assistant.

Stand down people, it’s just a dumb commercial, NOT a movie!

Remember when Apple used to make great commercials? Oh and great computers for that matter too…

Source: Apple partners w/ Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson for new ‘movie’ co-starring Siri | 9to5Mac


According to State Farm, preliminary investigations of the alleged faulty device shows evidence of a “significant and localized heating event” near the battery, as well as remnants of internal shorting. The signs indicate that an internal failure caused the fire, the complaint reads.

State Farm and [co-plaintiff Xai] Thao are leveling two counts against Apple, the first alleging that the iPhone 4S in question was defective when it reached Thao’s hands. A second cause of action argues negligence on Apple’s part for designing, manufacturing, and placing the device in circulation.

Not that Apple shouldn’t be held accountable if it is in fact their faulty phone/battery that started a fire but god forbid an insurance company actually pay out for an insurance claim.

Instead one of America’s largest insurance companies is taking America’s largest company to court hoping for a quick and easy payout.

This one could go on for a long time but it will be interesting to see the hardware reports as Apple have a history of proving these fires aren’t their fault, while other manufacturers cough Samsung cough might just love it if it were.

Source: State Farm sues Apple over house fire allegedly caused by ‘defective’ iPhone

Apple has quietly bought SensoMotoric Instruments, a German maker of eye-tracking glasses.

Founded in 1991, SMI does work in mobile eye tracking as well as for augmented and virtual reality, according to its website.

Adds some weight to the rumours swelling around Apple creating future hardware to capitalise on their new augmented reality framework now embedded within iOS.

Can Apple create something that doesn’t end up akin to Google’s “glass-holes” debacle? Or will we see the tech incorporated into existing product lines such as the iPhone?

Source: Apple confirms it has bought a small German computer vision company – Axios