Rodecaster Pro review – The ultimate podcast accessory

When Rode told me they were going to be sending their new all-in-one podcasting mixer for review I knew straight away there was only one way to review it. Record a podcast about it!

In this very meta review Anthony Agius and myself sit down at Reckoner HQ (Raj’s living room) and put the Rodecaster Pro through its paces.

The whole episode is a very Rode affair. Ant is making use of one of the four XLR ports jacked into a Rode PodMic whilst I’m using my good old Rode Podcaster USB mic that’s very uniquely connected via it’s 3.5mm monitor jack into the Rodecaster Pro’s 3.5mm input for reasons that will be explained.

…the Rodecaster Pro is the benchmark for podcast production.

Recorded live and left completely unedited this special review episode of the podcast takes an in-depth look at the Rodecaster Pro’s many fantastic podcast features with all the usual banter you’ve come to expect from a Reckoner show. Be sure to listen through as we invite special guest, the bread-making-guru himself, Mr. James Croft onto the show (unexpectedly & live) courtesy of a Bluetooth connected iPhone, as well as channelling the great man Richard Marsland via the Marsland 5000 app.

If you want to skip the glory that is live produced podcasting perfection and miss out on Anthony and my golden voices allow me to summarise our findings. The Rodecaster Pro is undoubtably the ultimate locally recorded podcasting mixer available. It is the complete all in one accessory that is definitely worth the biscuits should you be in the position of producing podcasting content on a regularly (and financially rewarding) basis.

All of your podcast needs are covered and with the recent addition of multi-track recording over USB the Rodecaster Pro is the benchmark for podcast production.

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Rodecaster Pro
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Super easy to use
Fully featured
Local podcasting perfection
Sliders feel a bit plastic/cheap
1/4" headphone connectors

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