Review: Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 in-ear headphones

I do not like in-ear headphones. There’s never been a pair comfortable enough and compatible enough with my disgusting waxy ear canals that have been a constant medical issue since I was a child. If I did not have such munted ears, I’m sure I’d enjoy the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 (MTW2) in-ear headphones much more than I did.

    • The charging case is very nice. Has a fabric coating I like to hold and the earbuds magnetically clip in to the case so they won’t fall out.

    • Connecting the MTW2s to a device is pretty easy, same as any other Bluetooth headphones. There’s a Sennheiser app that lets you tweak the EQ and apply firmware updates.

    • Comfort is good if you have normal ears, my wife said she’d happily wear them all day. There’s multiple sized tips in the box to fit various ear sizes. You do have to fiddle around a bit to get them in the sweet spot for the best sound the first few times, but once you find it you’ll instinctively use it like that.

  • Battery life is pretty much what it says on the box 7 hours and an additional 21 hours from the battery in the charging case.
  • Sound quality is excellent, I’ve never heard a better pair of headphones. Extremely clear, lots of bass. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to music on the MTW2s.
  • Noise cancellation and transparent mode was disappointing. Maybe I’m spoiled by the Bose and Sony over-ear headphones, but the level of ANC on the MTW2s wasn’t in the same league.
  • IPX4 rating is nice if you use them whilst exercising. You can’t dunk them in water or go swimming with them, but you can splash around a bit, no worries.
  • Can’t connect the MTW2s to multiple devices at once. Annoying if you want to go between a PC/Mac and a smartphone. Have to manually connect each time.
  • Phone call quality was great. Everyone I chatted to on the phone with whilst using the MTW2s had no complaints. Answering calls is just a quick tap on either earbud.
  • The other controls are kinda confusing. Multiple taps on different earbuds do different things. Would be nice if the smartphone app let you customise all the shortcuts. Some earlier reviews say you can change them, but in the latest app with the latest firmware, the option to do so seems to have disappeared.

For iPhone users, the AirPods Pro are better in almost every single way. Sound about the same, have superior noise cancellation, transparency mode and sync more reliably than a Swiss railway clock. The AirPods Pro even cost less than the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 ($339 vs $488). This review is mostly for Android users that can’t take advantage of the best the AirPods Pro have to offer due to the fact they aren’t using an iOS device.

For Android users though, the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 are pretty damn sweet. You’d hope so for almost $500! Maybe Pixel users would like Google’s Pixel Buds more with the whole passive listening thing, but I bet they don’t sound as sweet as the MTW2s for music.