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Review: NVIDIA Shield TV


One box to rule them all NVIDIA’s Shield TV is one of those products, that as an Australian, has been a long time coming. Half streaming box, half game console, the Android TV powered unit has been wildly successful across North America and Asia for years. Now, finally, we’re seeing the latest version of the… Continue reading →

Review: Intel NUC 8 VR Mini PC – Hades Canyon

Intel NUC 8 VR Mini PC – Hades Canyon

Imagine Apple update the Mac Mini. When Intel released a new CPU every year they put it inside it. When the crazy, mind-blowing, never thought it would happen deal of Intel and AMD putting their tech together in a single integrated graphics solution came to fruition that Apple, whom already has relationships with both companies, took advantage of that and used it in their machine. Then on top of all that they put not one, but two thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports, two HDMI ports, two DisplayPort ports and say... hmmm... I dunno... seven? Yeah why not... *seven* USB ports essentially making both the front and backs of the machine a cornucopia of inputs and outputs. Continue reading →

Review: God of War

God of War

Let’s talk about God of War shall we? Here is a game that many are calling the greatest ever! Not just the best of recent time, nor a shining beacon in the golden era of gaming we see ourselves living through at the moment, but  the actual greatest collaborative achievement in all video game history.… Continue reading →

Review: Fingbox


With everything from fridges to washing machines connecting to your WiFi these days the number of devices jumping on and off your network has more than trebled in the past few years. In my home alone there are no less than – and I’m not making this up – 40 devices that connect to it.… Continue reading →

Review: Moss


“Immersion” is such a wanky term when it comes to VR. Everyone wants you to have an immersive experience but the reality is most don’t come close, but they’ll be marketed as so because it’s VR’s holy grail. There are a lot of reasons why most games aren’t there just yet, the tech for a start,… Continue reading →