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Review: Storm Boy – The Game

Storm Boy – The Game

Pelicans. They’re big, they have beaks so gargantuan that they come with their own interdimensional pockets, and they’re massive dorks with a penchant for eating fish and probably small children. So naturally, these monochromatic non-passerines were chosen by Australian author Colin Thiele in 1964 as the emotional centre for a tale that would go on… Continue reading →

Review: Fallout 76

Fallout 76

It’s become kind of ‘cool’ to bash Fallout 76. Whilst its release has been by no means “smooth” one could argue it’s been no rougher than any to come from Bethesda. In fact most of their games are lauded for their janky demeanour and are hilariously abundant with quirks, so why then has everyone been… Continue reading →