Audiofly AF140 Mk2 in-ear monitors review

There’s no better feeling than putting on a good pair of headphones and just losing yourself in some music. To do that well you need to the right set of headphones, which can be no easy task at the best of times. Thankfully you don’t have to worry about that anymore because Australia’s own Audiofly have given us the AF140 Mk2s.

Composed of a triple hybrid-driver system the AF140 Mk2s incorporate a 9mm driver for each major range: bass, mids and highs.

Each ear piece is attached to a lightweight Audioflex SL twisted cable that converge into a single cable, which is reinforced with Cordura fibre. At it’s end is a gold plated, right angled 3.5mm connector, which ensures a high quality of connection for the best audio transfer.

The IEMs come fitted with my favourite earbuds from COMPLY but also include regular single and triple flange silicon tips to suit any ear type and preference.

The headphones come complete with a small carry case along with a gold plated 1/4″ stereo adaptor, airplane adaptor and cleaning brush, something I’ve not seen included before.

Day to day use

Being a wired headphone the devices you can use them with today are limited or require adaptors to use. The cord ironically means they’re probably the lightest set of headphones I’ve ever used without the need to house batteries.

They’re also beautifully simple in offering a no frills experience just concentrating on sound quality and giving the best audio experience they can.

There’s no microphone, no inline controls, just a well constructed, solid cord attached to two incredibly well-fitting monitors.

They’re designed to listen. Something we don’t do as much of these days.

Sounds like crystal

I have a trusty playlist that I put all headphones through when I review a new pair. In most cases there are some pretty significant areas a set will succeed or fail, but that really wasn’t the case with the Audiofly AF140 Mk2s.

From Beethoven to Kanye to Fleetwood Mac and Ariana Grande the AF140s performed above average in all genres. They present what I can only describe as a crisp, neutral sound. If you’re a purveyor of RnB or other bass heavy genres you might feel they lack a level of “punch”. Kendrick’s DNA and Kanye’s Ni#$as In Paris for instance had lyrics more audible than I’ve ever heard but their heavy bass lines were far more subdued that say Beats PowerBeats 3 are.

For those that enjoy jazz, classical, pop and even rock the AF140 Mk2s reproduce a clarity I didn’t think possible without over-the-ear cans. Even one the most notoriously difficult songs to get right, Queens of the Stone Age’s Go With The Flow, had crisp vocals, sharp drums & piano and guitar licks that screamed in harmony instead of a pushed cacophony it can often turn into with other headphones.

The only area I did find they faltered was at higher volumes. They didn’t distort, rather it felt as though the music was compacted or short, losing a lot of that lauded crispness as they peaked. To be fair the levels I was testing them at were hardly sustainable for long sessions. For that one tune you love though, they could get a run at these levels and leave you a bit disappointed.


The perfection is in the details

There are subtle details that take Audiofly’s products to the next level for me. Not only do they sound great but things like adding a braille “R” on the right monitor meant I could quickly pick them up and put them on first go.

Having not worn IEMs before I can tell you that they take some getting used to and I’d often try putting them in the wrong ear before finding the 4 raised dimples that let me fingers do the thinking.

The cherry on top though is the ability to replace the headphone’s cord. I’ve lost count of the number of headphones I’ve had to throw away because their cord has worn, broken or frayed. Like all high-end monitors the entire Audiofly IEM range can have their earpiece detached from the cord and replaced with a new one!

Now instead of shelling out hundreds of dollars because you stood up not realising your headphones were still plugged in, you can replace the cord for A$40.

In conclusion; they’re mine now!

It’s no surprise that I’m in love with these headphones. I’m not someone that needs, or rather wants to, make phone calls while I’m on the train or working at my desk and would take sound quality over those functions any day.

The lack of any controls is a little jarring at first but it was something that I grew to enjoy. I simply started making my music choices more carefully, knowing that I was in for a ride to enjoy it non-stop. With that said, the ability to swap out the cord does mean that down the track Audiofly might see the introduction of a control box a worthy inclusion.

Justifying their RRP A$399 price tag to someone whom doesn’t love their music is going to be tough. Even the slightly cheaper dual driver version (and Audiofly’s cheapest IEM pair) the AF120 Mk2s at A$299 are a tough sell to most. What they bring though is an unfettered reproduction of sound, delivered at an extremely high quality via possibly the most comfortable and well-fitting pair of headphones I’ve ever used.

Come pry them from my cold reviewer hands.

Audiofly AF140 Mk2
Super light weight
Great sounding audio
Comfortable, sealing fit
Lots of tip options included
Cleaning brush & accessories
No inline remote/controls