Our podcasts


Records: Fortnightly
Length: 60-90 minutes
Host(s): James Croft, Anthony Agius, Raj Deut & guests

The big show is Reckoner’s long running podcast flagship. More than your normal technology roundtable we wanted to look broader than ever before and deep-dive into some of the ways all this crazy new tech is affecting our culture.

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I don’t quite know (IDQK)

Records: Monthly
Length: 30-60 minutes
Host(s): Raj Deut & guests

We like to think of it as a candid discussion with a twist. IDQK invites some of your favourite online personalities to chat about things you probably wont know them for. From proposals to anxiety to writing and more check it out to find a whole other side to the people you love online.

IDQK is Patreon funded but you can listen to the pilot episode with Step (Hex) Bendixsen & som re-released public episodes in full before dipping in for more!

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The week that was (TWTW)

Records: Weekly
Length: 3-5 minutes
Host(s): Raj Deut

Too busy to read keep up to date with constant stream of tech news. Let us do the hard work for you collating and presenting the most prominent tech stories from around the world in a short, neat, video and audio package we like to call “The week that was” (TWTW).

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