Episode Six | Apple’s Disappointing Quarter

With Peter Wells, James Croft and Jason Murray.

Reckoner Podcast

Apple’s Disappointing Quarter

Apple’s No-Growth Q3 2013 In Charts

Steve Jobs where are you? Apple loses its shine

Three new reports show the state of the nation for the iPhone

Apple wins brand of the year trifecta in first full year under Tim Cook

Apple’s biggest acquisition

Google Event

Google Nexus 7 review (2013)

Google’s Hugo Barra: Android tablets have ‘been lagging,’ but change is coming

Dongle Style: What We Learned After Our One-Night Stand With Chromecast

Understanding Google

If the new Nexus 7 can have a Retina-like screen, why can’t the iPad mini?

Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Announced

Google Play Games and Google Play Textbooks announced

Google launches dedicated gaming app for Android

Microsoft Self Publishing

Another MS U-turn: self-publishing, faster certification coming to Xbox Live

Self Publishing is coming to Xbox One

In App Bandits

EA made more money on Apple’s App Store than through Origin

Dev Hack!

Apple Developer Center returns after an eight day outage



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