Episode One | Compromises

With James Croft, Peter Wells, Josh Taylor and Tom Merritt.

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iOS 7 – Polarising

iOS is the oldest mobile operating system on the market. iOS 7 aims to bring new life to the platform, but its new look has been pretty polarising. Now it’s not just my ranting, actual designers are complaining too.

iMore on iOS 7 
The Verge – Simply Confusing
Gruber – Signature
Jony Ive Redesigns things
Neven Mrgan – Wrong
iOS 7 Binary Bonsai
When Wrong Does Not Apply

Microsoft vs. DRM

When your competitor’s entire marketing messages is “We’re not as bad as those other bastards”, perhaps it’s time to change your policy.

Xbox at E3 2013: everything you need to know
Anonymous Microsoft Rant
Stick with the Xbox 360
Xbox 180
Win Supersite
Anonymous Microsoft Rant 2

Google Reader is Dead

This time next week, Google Reader will be dead. What have you switched to? Feedly seems the heir apparent, digg is building its comeback on GR’s death, but what about Flipboard? I love Flipboard, but if it can’t play nice with a web servce, I’m done.


Instagram Video

The Vine Killer?

McAfee – The Walter White of IT…

Just watch the video

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