Episode Nine | The Samsung iWatch

With James Croft, Peter Wells, Terence Huynh and Jason Murray.

Reckoner Podcast

Gmail Privacy

Yes, Gmail users have an expectation of privacy

Press Suckered By Anti-Google Group’s Bogus Claim That Gmail Users Can’t Expect Privacy

Speaking of Google, They still don’t like Microsoft all that much.

Microsoft Raises Antitrust Stink About Google Blocking YouTube App

Inside the bitter YouTube battle between Microsoft and Google

Google blocks Microsoft’s new YouTube Windows Phone app

Windows start button comes back October 17th

Windows 8.1 is official! Due to be released October 17th

Hands-On with Windows 8.1

Samsung Releasing iWatch in September?

Samsung Wants You To Figure Out What To Do With Its Flexible Displays

Samsung Said to Introduce Watch-Like Phone Next Month

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