Episode 195: Townsville Casinos

Join James Croft, Anthony Aguis, and Raj Deut  for James’ second to last appearance before heading off to that great podcasting farm in the sky where the XXXX runs free and amateur bread maker is a viable career choice. But before all that there’s the Galaxy Fold to abuse, along with Uber prepping for an IPO and Disney tackling the streaming world head on with its new Disney+ service.

We also touch on Ikea & Sonos getting it on with their new love-child speaker line as well as iTunes potentially being shattered into smaller pieces, not unlike my 17 year old heart the first time I was dumped.

Also we’ve mentioned it before but we’ll mention it again. Come hang out with us at our first full meetup with James, Ant & Raj at the Rainbow Hotel in Fitzroy on May 4th and thank the great man Mr Croft in person for all his work.

Reckoner/Sizzle meetup – May 4th
Samsung Galaxy Fold hands-on thoughts & reactions
Uber preps for an IPO
Disney+ is revealed
First photo of a black hole revealed
The iTunes app is finally getting broken up
Ikea & Sonos announce their love-child speaker range