Episode 191: Just Another Quiet One

Boom boom boom, let me hear you say wayo (wayo). Join James Croft, Raj Deut, and Anthony Agius and we launch headlong into 2019, catching up on CES news, James is finally living in 2016 with Apple Pay, Huawei is in deep doodie again, and Facebook (in a shocking turn of events) is doing dodgy stuff to suck up personal data! Where’s my fainting couch??

LG’s folding OLED

Samsung’s MicroLED TV

Sony & LG TVs getting AirPlay 2 & HomeKit

Bose noise cancelling car speakers

Lots of Alexa & Google Assistant

I mentioned Sensibo at some point in the middle of this section

Apple Pay CBA & eftpos

Huawei sued by the US government for selling stuff to Iran 

Stealing T-Mobile’s robot

Facebook tried to revive pretend VPN/spying app Onavo by paying kids to side-load it