Episode 188: There’s Something in the Air

Join James Croft, Raj Deut, and Anthony Agius as we discuss a whole crateload of news and reviews. Allow me to summarise in the show notes: man, the Mini is fast! But hoo boy, it’s expensive! The MacBook Air is better! But it’s also, like, confusing! And still quite expensive! The iPad is fast! But man, it’s expensive, and can’t do a bunch of computer things! Facebook is kerosene poured on a fire of social unrest. PAX is a cool convention for games.

Now you know these things, you still have to listen to the show. I insist.

The 2018 Mac Mini

Review: Apple MacBook Air (Wired)

iPad Pro (2018) review: laptop-killing hardware let down by iOS

Facebook’s cluelessness helped amplify Myanmar tensions

PAX Australia Is Video Games, Minus The Worst Parts Of Internet